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Should Kratom Be Banned? Here's What the Experts Say

I interviewed a spokesman with the DEA, along with four experts in the field, to find out why a whole bunch of people with terrible, chronic pain are about to become criminals.


The 13 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (9/27)

Look, we get it. Once you find out that your patronus is a three-legged alley cat, it's hard to get motivated to check on the news.


6 Reasons Breitbart Is The Most Batsh!t Crazy Website Ever

Breitbart makes Fox News look like the BBC.


6 'Wacky' Headlines With Legitimately Sad Backstories

Keep your eye out for the following headlines, and trust us when we say they should never be shared in conjunction with that laugh-cry emoji you love so much.


13 Surefire Steps To Reunite With Your Estranged Dad

Ever find yourself longingly watching families holding hands? Slowing down time when a child runs into the arms of their smiling dad, like in a bad Hallmark commercial? You might be feeling the symptoms of having an estranged father.


6 Things We Wouldn't Have Without Donald Trump

As the 2016 election approaches its home stretch, Donald Trump is still finding time to invent basically everything he does.


5 Signs NBC Is Unofficially Endorsing Trump For President

NBC is actively endorsing Trump, all while pretending they cut ties well over a year ago with the man they helped make a star.


The 13 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (9/20)

It's getting so you can't check the news without your smart phone bursting into flames.


5 Things You Learn Being Attacked By The Alt-Right

Warning: Nothing but horror is ahead.


5 Reasons The WikiLeaks Guy Is Losing His Mind

It sounds like Julian Assange's time in isolation might not exactly be healthy.


The 5 Best Conspiracy Theories About Celebrity Impostors

Who among us doesn't enjoy a good conspiracy theory?


5 Ways Losing The Presidency Sucks Even More Than You Think

Running for president and then losing is the first step toward a life of soul-crushing misery and heartache.