Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Are Now Married in DC's 'Injustice' Comic


Sorry, Joker, your ex-girlfriend, one Harley Quinn, has officially moved on from your toxic relationship, tying the knot with her longtime lover, fellow DC darling, Poison Ivy in the Injustice: Year Zero comic series. Do you hear that? If you listen closely, you can hear Harlivy fans crying tears of joy from behind their comic books -- and rightfully so. After brushing off Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's flirtation as edgy humor for quite some time, the highly-shipped sapphic duo has finally wed, according to ScreenRant, welcome news to shippers everywhere.

Poison Ivy organized the surprise wedding, which took place in the 8th installment of the series, for Harley inside of their Las Vegas suite, complete with an Elvis impersonator and glowing ring, because of course, it did. "We don't have to stay on our paths," Poison Ivy said, donning a flowy gown in her signature shade of green, looking back at her partner. " We can step off together. We can break the glass. We can be each other's exit strategy. Dr. Harleen Quinzell ... will you marry me?" she asked, revealing a floral ring with a gold band. "Oh, @#$% yeah!" Harley replied in true, Harley fashion.

Despite their romantic and very on-brand nuptials, the jury is still out on whether marital bliss is in the cards for the happy couple. As ScreenRant notes, Injustice: Year Zero is a prequel series, set before the original Injustice series; there is a chance their union may not last, the topic of divorce referenced in Old Lady Harley. We can truly hope they'll somehow beat the odds, living a long, happy, and villainous life together. 

Regardless of what happens, cheers to the happy couple -- we waited this long for this day to come, let's hope it lasts!


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