15 Surprising Ways Beloved Movies Accomplished Special Effects

15 Surprising Ways Beloved Movies Accomplished Special Effects

Special effects are a big reason why we watch movies. Ask anybody who suffered through the 70s Spider-Man TV show how much cooler he is today, and they'll tell you: it's all-the-way cooler. And there are just so many ways to accomplish effects. Stan Winston did it the old-fashioned way, and he did it really, really well. Like there’s no Jurassic Park, and a ton of other movies without Stan Winston. 

You’d generally think that though, these days, any scene more complex than two people talking in a room would be green-screened and then filled in with CGI. Not so -- it turns out that some filmmakers love using practical effects, even when these are stupidly expensive and/or dangerous. Maybe it’s their nod to Stan Winston.

Or maybe it’s even because they’re stupidly expensive and/or dangerous -- but, hey, we’re not psychologists, we’re just internet comedians. Anyway, check out these examples and decide for yourself.

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