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15 Unseen Support Staffs Behind Superheroes

Even superheroes need a little help sometimes. We asked you to show us what their staffers exactly do for them.


5 Movies Made Possible by Characters Who Suck at Their Job

If you're reading this at work right now instead of finishing that report, keep in mind that you might very well be setting off the plot of movies like these.


The 7 Most Common CGI Screw-Ups (Explained)

If you've watched movies in the past 10 years, you've probably at some point complained about horrible CG, because you movie viewers are ungrateful little jackanapes. Well, here's why it's so bad.


7 Ways Batman Is Objectively Better Than Superman

Like many arguments online, one side is backed up by intelligence and careful preparation while the other only keeps going because arguments just bounce off its stupid invulnerable skin.


3 Things We Have to Accept About Life After Nolan's Batman

I've thought a lot about this trilogy. So you'll have to trust me when I say that, as much as I've been looking forward to the conclusion of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, I've also sort of feared it.


5 Famously Terrible Movies (That Actually Don't Suck)

Some of these duds just don't deserve their reputations. Instead, the public had some agenda for hating that far outweighed anything that ever happened on screen.


The 4 Weirdest Lessons '80s Movies Really Wanted to Teach Us

Apparently, no '80s film was complete without a moral message slapping around in your face like a dying fish.


If Movie Titles Were Taken Literally

This is what a Hollywood without movie trailers and posters would look like.


6 Movies That Predicted Disasters With Eerie Accuracy

If you're one of these creators, you have to hate that your lighthearted entertainment now just winds up reminding people of something awful. Especially when websites like this one keep bringing them up.


5 Reasons Batman Always Wins

There is one inviolable rule in comic books: Batman never loses.


5 Heroic Movie Deaths That Didn't Actually Help Anyone

There's no easier way to make a movie character likeable than by having him heroically sacrifice his own life. Of course, sometimes 'heroically' means 'stupidly.'


6 Movies With Political Agendas You Didn't Notice

If your movie is about, say, giant robots or ghost police, that's probably not the time to try to cram in some message about how we should vote next November.


4 Reasons Hollywood Sucks (And It's All Our Fault)

I understand something people don't want to acknowledge: Hollywood sucks. And it's all our fault.


5 Great Movie Scenes Made Possible by Reckless Endangerment

Yes, even in the age of computer effects and entire sequences shot in front of a green screen with tennis balls, there is still no substitute for gross neglect of human safety.


6 Pieces of Fan Art That Are Better Than the Original

Sometimes the companies or creators will actually address their fans and say, 'You think you could do better than us?' And sometimes the fans will answer back, 'Um, actually, yeah.'