Never Forget: 9/11 Is Also The Creepy ‘Twilight’ Baby’s Birthday

Never Forget: 9/11 Is Also The Creepy ‘Twilight’ Baby’s Birthday

Today is September 11th, the day when we commemorate the anniversary of one of the most distressing moments in 21st-century American history. We are, of course, talking about the birth of that creepy Twilight baby.

Look, we have soooo many questions about this baby; like, why does it look like a Danny DeVito-themed Cabbage Patch Doll made on an iPhone app? Why did they name it “Renesmee” (a combination of Renee and Esmé) as opposed to … literally any other less stupid name? And Why did Jacob imprint on the child (after trying to kill her), which kind of just seems like the lycanthropic equivalent of grooming? Sure, it keeps her safe from other werewolves, but was America cool with this adult man deciding that a friggin’ baby was his soulmate?

But more to the point: why is this kid’s birthday September 11th? With a whole host of days to choose from, 365 to be exact, they went with September 11?? The movies feature no explicit references to this fact – like when Bella goes into labor, Edward doesn’t have CNN on in the background or anything. But according to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide by Stephenie Meyer – which we assume you all have a copy of – Renesmee’s canonical birthday is September 11, 2006.

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So is the entirety of Twilight an elaborate allegory for Bush-era American foreign policy? Well, probably not. Still, it seems as though it would be virtually impossible for Meyer’s choice of a date to be incidental. The only possible justification we could find is that Meyer’s writing was inspired by the music of My Chemical Romance, a band which was created after lead singer Gerard Way personally witnessed the 9/11 attacks. So it’s very likely that Twilight wouldn’t have existed without 9/11 – so perhaps Renesmee’s birthday was meant to honor the shambolic chain of events that eventually led to her creation. Or someone just threw a dart at a calendar and took an early lunch that day. 

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