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The 6 Saddest Attempts to Follow Up Pop Culture Classics

Just because you've created one masterpiece doesn't mean everything you touch is going to be gold.


Wonder Woman's Gritty Reboot: Explained [CHART]

Thanks for giving a shit, internet!


Ireland's Only Kung Fu Movie (Is The Worst Film Ever Made)

Fatal Deviation is an ancient curse on the Irish people, passed on by a few VHS tapes like cinematic herpes until DVD technology re-released it on the world in exactly the same way archaeological digs re-release angry mummies.


The Real Reason She's Making You Go See 'Eclipse' [GRAPH]

The reasons (both stated and unstated) you might find yourself in this unfortunate situation.


6 Iconic Movie Leaders (Who Aren't Fit To Lead A Parade)

More often than not, the plan of straight-up kicking ass does not make you a great leader. Sending someone to bone your mom doesn't either.


7 Classic Disney Movies Based On R-Rated Stories

We can understand watering down a story to make it child-appropriate, but Disney didn't have any business adapting these tales in the first place.


6 Reasons It's Time For Matthew McConaughey To Go Away

Why did Hollywood give so much influence to someone whose name can't ever be spelled correctly?


5 Ridiculous Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

Those of us raised on the laws of Rambo and Red Dawn are totally boned.


The 5 Most Impractical Aspects of Superhero Costumes

Rocket hand makes each of the costumes that she is hired to wear at conventions. The amount of time she's spent making and wearing super hero costumes has given her unique insight into parts of a costumed crime fighter's life that you might have taken for granted.


And You Thought Fast Zombies Were The Worst Kind... [COMIC]

Well that pretty much shoots my zombie contingency plan to hell.


15 Grossly Misleading Movie Posters

We understand that a movie poster maker really needs to sell the movie. Sometimes, though, they just go completely nuts and start making things up.


The 6 Creepiest Ways Reality Imitates 'Lost'

'Lost' will soon be gone, but fortunately, there's something that can fill the hole it will leave in the world. Namely, the world. That's right: There's evidence all around you that reality itself is just a great big 'Lost' flash-sideways.


What Really Happens After a Radioactive Spider Bite [COMIC]

If the gritty reboot was realistic.


5 Pop Culture Classics Created Out of Laziness

Turns out some timeless classics came about for crass, petty, tasteless, spiteful, greedy or just plain lazy reasons.