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4 Reasons Commercials Are Sexist (Against Men)

It's getting out of hand out there fellas. Here's why ...


Why It Sucks to Be Ant-Man: The Forgotten Avenger

Well, he does have the superpowers of an ant.


5 Creepy Superhero Origin Stories The Movies Wisely Left Out

There's something to be said about the sacred nature of a superhero's origin story. It's the one thing that Hollywood won't mess with. (Unless it's too disturbing to put on camera.)


6 Ways Iron Man Is Objectively Better Than Batman

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Iron Man with some other losers’ (aka ‘The Avengers’) prove that despite everything they claim, the internet loves sequels and the 1 percent. Every time I see two heroes in proximity I have to decide who'll win, because I've found a way to get paid for remaining a child. Anyways, I've settled on a winner, a


5 Movie Apocalypses That Would Defeat Themselves

The apocalypse can be kind of a downer, but if you want to make yourself feel better, all you need to do is remember that almost none of the familiar scenarios actually work.


6 Disturbing Unanswered Questions from Children's Movies

While the protagonists of kids movies are learning important lessons and living happily ever after, some overlooked characters end up suffering fates that are often worse than death.


23 Leaked Pics from the Phones of Fictional Characters

The leaked cellphone picture has become a mainstay of our desperate for shit to talk about media. We asked you to show us the unfortunate revelations we'd be privy to if cellphones were hacked in our favorite fictional universes.


15 Behind the Scenes Photos That Ruin the Movie

Some in-costume, on-set photos are funny because they're out of context, some are fascinating in a behind-the-scenes sort of way, and some are neat because seeing them absolutely hurts the film from which they come. All of these are in that third category ...


6 Terrifying Children's Cartoons from Around the World

Allow us to present the following traumatizing scenes from cartoons around the world. (Because we like the taste of your despair.)


The Creative Processes of Famous Filmmakers: Charted

Every filmmaker has their trademark styles, and pet themes. Usually we chalk this up to artistry, but sometimes it seems like they're just checking the same old playbook every time they make a movie.


4 Instructional Videos No One Could Possibly Find Useful

Before information was free and plentiful, mankind was forced to slowly acquire specialized skills from VHS instructional videos.


6 Stupid Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

All the lessons about guns you've learned from movies are wrong. That's right: Hollywood wants you dead.


If Hunger Games Was 10 Times Shorter and 100 Percent Honest

Every so often, The Editing Room swings by to give us abridged versions of popular movies. And we're all better people for it.


If The Real World Played by Disney Cartoon Rules

Most of us grew up in different school districts, but nearly all of us learned our first lessons about the real world from Disney cartoons. While not as cool to claim as the school of hard knocks, the school of Disney certainly left an impression.