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6 Insane Attempts to Make Movies Starring Dead Movie Stars

Hey, you can't let something like a little death get in the way. There's money to be made


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Writing movies is hard. Mainly because you, the audience, are so demanding. That's why we end up with such convoluted plots as these.


How to Create a Plausible Superhero Origin Story [COMIC]

While it's important to come up with a cool character, the true test of a superhero is how well they're able to stay in that character ...


The 6 Creepiest Things Ever Slipped Into Children's Cartoons

For every wholesome lesson about sharing and togetherness, there's at least one deeply disturbing reference writers have managed to slip past the censors. And some times, it's not exactly subtle.


5 Annoying Trends That Make Every Movie Look the Same

In reality, every movie you've seen in the last 10 years has just been different scenes of 'Forrest Gump' set on a loop.


Understanding the Allure of 'Shark Week' [COMIC]

how to navigate a conversation with the sort of person who believes this is a subject worthy of deconstruction ...


The Lifespan of Every TV Show Ever [COMIC]

Every TV show follows a certain downward spiral.


6 Evil Corporations in Movies (With Terrible Business Plans)

Remember: Mindless creatures that feed on human flesh shouldn't factor into your business plan, Ever.


Why don't you...try it on for me [COMIC]

Th ... thanks.


If 'Eclipse' Was 10 Times Shorter And 100 Times More Honest

We sent Rod Hilton to check out the newest Twilight flick and summarize it for us. We hope you can forgive us someday, Rod.


Dreams: Inception vs. Reality [CHART]

Some subtle differences between what the movie shows us and what most of us see when our brains shut down at night.


Evolution of the Public's Tolerance for Mel Gibson [CHART]

How he wore out the public's tolerance for complete jerk-offs


The 6 Saddest Attempts to Follow Up Pop Culture Classics

Just because you've created one masterpiece doesn't mean everything you touch is going to be gold.


Wonder Woman's Gritty Reboot: Explained [CHART]

Thanks for giving a shit, internet!


Ireland's Only Kung Fu Movie (Is The Worst Film Ever Made)

Fatal Deviation is an ancient curse on the Irish people, passed on by a few VHS tapes like cinematic herpes until DVD technology re-released it on the world in exactly the same way archaeological digs re-release angry mummies.