26 Fictional Restaurants We Absolutely Have to Eat At

26 Fictional Restaurants We Absolutely Have to Eat At

The vast majority of our time as humans is spent on the mundane: eating, sleeping, pooping, masturbating, etc. For some reason, TV doesn’t show a lot of the last three, but characters are constantly doing the first one. Inserting a restaurant for them to frequent is an easy way to get them all together so plots can happen, so such establishments are popular set pieces, and some of them look goooooood.

Redditor DueMaternal was “thinking of recurring eating spots” recently when they turned to the platform. Specifically, they were thinking of the awkward implications of giving TV characters a regular restaurant, like the risk of a Royal Diner customer overhearing sensitive case details from the Bones crew or the Friends “airing out their personal business” all the time at Central Perk. Their question, however, was about the food. “What’s your favorite fictional eatery?” they asked r/Television, and now we, too, want lake trout.

25Rocko’s Modern Life
24All That
23Twin Peaks
21The Simpsons
20The Bear
18Alice’s Restaurant
15Saved By the Bell
14Pushing Daisies
13Parks and Recreation
12Gilmore Girls
10Boy Meets World
8The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
7Bob’s Burgers
6Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
5SpongeBob SquarePants
4Beverly Hills, 90210
2Dead Like Me
1The Wire
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