The 22 Best Cat and Mouse Duos in Movie History

These characters engaged in a true battle of wits
The 22 Best Cat and Mouse Duos in Movie History

Everyone loves a good cat-and-mouse game, but especially Redditor e_2718. “I like movies where two smart characters try to outwit each other,” they recently posted, pointing out that it’s a dynamic that transcends genre. “It can make for a good comedy, especially when both characters have big egos,” they wrote. “But it can be serious too, as a cop and criminal trying to lure each other into traps.” For them, “the best type is when the hero and the villain are both super smart and crafty, so you watch one great plan after another devised by each, wondering who will eventually succeed.”

But they weren’t just saying all this to hear themselves talk. They asked r/Movies, “What are your favorite movies where two intelligent characters try to outsmart each other?” and the filmgoers of Reddit coughed up some classic Toms and Jerrys, some newer duos and even some as hilariously one-sided as a hole painted on a wall.

The Departed

Infernal Affairs


The Bourne Identity

Dangerous Liaisons

Dial M For Murder

The Usual Suspects

Inside Man

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I Care a Lot

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The Pink Panther

Le Deuxieme Souffle

The Fall

Nine Queens

Arlington Road

The Prestige


Enemy at the Gates



The Princess Bride

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