30 Sneaky Cameos We Almost Missed in Famous Movies

30 Sneaky Cameos We Almost Missed in Famous Movies

Turns out, basically every person in Hollywood has had a secret cameo in a Star Wars film. However, Star Wars movies aren’t the only movies filled with secret appearances. Here are 30 other sneaky cameos you might’ve missed in famous movies…

Terry English did the medieval armor for Excalibur, and cameo'd as an armorer. He's a veteran movie armorer whose works were featured in movies including Gladiator, Clash of the Titans, and even Aliens. CRACKED.COM


Zack Snyder cameo's in Zack Snyder's Justice League as a coffee shop customer. OPEN He's the guy in the window of the coffee shop where Lois Lane gets coffee, and it's a real place where Snyder did work on the movie. CRACKED.COM


SEASON 1 EPISODE 3 OF ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK EXPLORES SOPHIA BURSET'S LIFE BEFORE SHE TRANSITIONED. To achieve her pre-transition appearance during the flashbacks, the show got Laverne Cox's twin brother, M. Lamar, to play her character. CRACKED.co .COM


PETE & PETE Janeane Garofalo was an ornery English teacher. CRACKED.COM As Ms. Brackett, she's stumped by Ellen's relentless questioning of the education system, and the victim of relentless prank calls from Little Pete: they keep calling and saying I'm a ...blowhole. I know that's defined as a muscular flap on a sea mammal, but... it scares me.


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