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5 Artists Who Stopped Sucking Out of Nowhere

Doing a 180 degree turn in your opinions about an artist or work of art can be intensely satisfying. Here are my five biggest 180s on artists I once thought had absolutely no value.


8 Gratuitously Violent Horror Movie Scenes (from the Bible)

More than just occasionally, people in the bible are killed in ways so innovative and gruesome that they could've been filmed as a scene in a slasher movie. And, as we'll show you, some have done exactly that.


5 Characters Who Totally Missed the Moral of Their Own Movie

It's so weird when, on occasion, the good guys of the film seem to let the obvious moral that they themselves helped establish whiff by them as they do EXACTLY what they just taught us to never do.


The Only 4 Christmas Movies Ever Made (Over and Over Again)

Those holiday classics we'll all be watching today? Paint by numbers.


6 Horrifying Implications of Classic Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are all about magic, miracles and faith. Except for these six 'family friendly' Christmas films that contain nothing but horror beneath their shiny wrapping paper.


The Most Insanely Violent Cartoon Ever (Is About the Bible)

I celebrate Christmas each year despite being non-religious. This mostly involves watching Die Hard on repeat and drinking copious amounts of Whiskeynog. This year, though, I'm actually going to study up on Christianity, using the most effective and distinguished tools I know: late night cartoons on TBN.


6 Things Movies Love to Get Wrong About The Workplace

Writers and directors aren't exactly corporate experts and often don't even know what an average office job is like. That's why they've come up with these weird misunderstandings of how companies work.


The 5 Most Horrifyingly Wasteful Film Shoots

It's obvious Hollywood wants us to think it cares about the fragile environment. But when it comes time to getting just the right shot, wiping out a big hunk of ecosystem is considered a small price to pay.


6 Obnoxious Ads That Don't Even Try to Sell Their Products

There are a lot of annoying ad campaigns out there we all like to complain about. And then there are those that leave us scratching our heads wondering how their commercials were even supposed to work.


The First High School Movie for Rich Bullies

I have waited a long time for this moment. Throughout my life, I've watched what amounts to miles of film about the trials and tribulations of high school life. From The Karate Kid to Spider Man, I've had to sit through decades of movie theater darkness, biting my tongue as the more relatable and, frankly, superior character in every story is immed


The Top 8 Everything of 2011 (For Better and Worse)

Sometimes the TV show, movie or video game that best represents a year isn’t necessarily the best show of the year.’s editors are more than happy to tell you why.


5 Things That Make You Happier Than They Probably Should

I present five things that bring me joy. But understand, these aren't obvious things like winning the lottery or tricking barely legal teens into high-risk sex. Instead, these are little things that result in explosive fits of happiness far greater than you would ever expect.


The 5 Biggest Cheaters in Game Show History

Here are the five biggest game show heists by four sinister people who almost got away with it, and one who totally did.


6 'Based on a True Story' Movies with Unpleasant Epilogues

When Hollywood has exhausted its creativity producing prequels and sequels, it often turns to unbelievable real life events for inspiration. And while not all of these are completely embellished, unfortunately, these amazing stories often have terrible aftermaths that even Hollywood wouldn't dare to film.