The Best of Abe Simpson on ‘The Simpsons’

Grampa Simpson’s best moments stretching all the way back to nineteen dickety two
The Best of Abe Simpson on ‘The Simpsons’

Abraham Jebediah "Abe" Simpson II may have been well past his physical prime for the past 34 seasons, but his wit is still just as sharp as a wooden spoon.

Of all the many uninspiring patriarchs in the Simpsons canon, ol’ Grampa Simpson is, inarguably, the most quotable — though his ramblings and sayings may usually be devoid of any reason or ties to historical fact, they are each teeming with meme potential. And, once in a liver-spotted moon, Abe drops a knowledge bomb that may not go off for decades until a mature mind can wrap itself around what “It” is.

As Springfield’s most spritely cloud-yeller, Abe rarely lets a dull moment pass when he’s given precious screen time, and, for that reliability, the fans have taken note. To that end, over in the Simpsons subreddit, the show’s super fans recently assembled to discuss which of Grampa Simpson’s most memorable moments is their favorite. Here are the top picks…

Abe the Cabaret Singer

Abe and the Flying Hellfish

“What Are You Cackling At, Fatty?”

“Hi David, I’m Grampa!”

Lousy Traumatic Childhood

The 49-Star Flag

“Cant You Just Use This Recent Photo?”

“Is Your Name Bart?”

“We Leave You the Kids for Three Hours and the County Takes Them Away?!?”

“Which Was The Style at the Time…”

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