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9 Classic Movie Posters (With Bizarre First Drafts)

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The 5 Worst Parts of Moving Back in With Your Parents

What was intended to be only a few months turned into a stay that lasted well into the next year. In that time, I learned a few surprising things from the experience.


5 Horror Movie Plots You Won't Believe Actually Happened

True crime is a popular genre, but what sort of sick puke seeks out true stories of horrific murder for pure, popcorn-munching entertainment? Well, unfortunately, you may have unwittingly done that.


5 Classic Geek Debates That Were Settled a Long Time Ago

The war is over, but the battles are still being fought for some reason.


4 Supporting Characters That Deserve Their Own Movies

There are a fair few characters who have practically no chance at all to ever feature in a movie of their own, despite the fact that they could totally carry one.