Sydney Sweeney Responds to Everyone Who Took ‘SNL’ Boob Jokes Way Too Seriously

Have Sweeney’s boobs killed woke once and for all?
Sydney Sweeney Responds to Everyone Who Took ‘SNL’ Boob Jokes Way Too Seriously

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Sydney Sweeney knows what you think of her boobs and she was smart to use Saturday Night Live to get on the right side of the joke. As part of her monologue earlier this month, she joked that she’d prepared a five-year business plan to convince her parents that she could make it as an actress in Hollywood. And if something went wrong with the original blueprint, she had a backup plan.

But according to a new GQ profile, the gag didn’t exactly work out as intended. While she’s still laughing about it, she’s seen the online reaction. “There's so many people out there who are like, ‘Oh, she's famous because she showed her boobs,’” she says.

Sweeney’s SNL appearance, with additional sketches that lampooned those kinds of social media misconceptions, also was seized on by some conservative commentators as proof that woke culture was finally finished.

You just got owned, libs! Richard Hanania, a guy with his own Substack, doubled down in a subsequent tweet. “Sydney Sweeney everywhere shows you can give us all the fatness studies and body positivity you want, society will always revert to loving blondes with boobs,” he wrote. “Like communism, you can suppress human nature, but they never win because it always comes back.”

I can’t quite connect the dots between Sweeney’s buxom SNL goodnights and the death of wokeness. I believe the logic goes something like: Sydney Sweeney showed her cleavage on SNL. People watched Sydney Sweeny on SNL. Therefore, advocates of body positivity have been proven idiots once and for all. 

Sweeney sounds tired of being used to prove strangers’ online bar wagers. But when people she’s never met assume things about what she believes or represents, she knows there’s not much she can do about it. “You just learn the system,” she says. “You can try and fight it but they just fight back. Even if you stand up for yourself, people are going to attack you for standing up for yourself.”

Becoming Rightwing Twitter’s It Girl was only half of the damage caused by her SNL episodeFollowing her hosting appearance, scammers flooded social media with cropped pictures of Sweeney promising “nude leaks.” The links led to sites that installed malware, infecting the computers and phones of those who were enchanted by her SNL debut. 

Nobody wants their face — or boobs — associated with computer viruses but once again, there’s little Sweeney can do but fortify her sense of self. As she told GQ in an earlier interview, “My body doesn’t define who I am.” 


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