The Office, Human Resources Attorneys and People Getting Hit In The Face: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Awesome Video Of The Day People Getting Hit In The Face I tried really hard to find a video to post today. Honestly. I found a good one, too, and I started to write about it, but it kept coming out vitriolic and mean. I tried deleting it and starting over, and I tried taking a break for a little while to clear my head, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually I abandoned that one and started looking for something else. Then I found this video of cats doing dumb things, but it just seemed too easy, too obvious. Then there was a speech by this Republican politician, but that seemed too political. I thought about the Cracked Blog, about what it is at its heart, about what its readers might want to see. I loaded up the page: " America's Only Humor & Video Site, Since 1958." Then I remembered that is a humor site, and that people who come to want to see things that are funny. I asked myself, "What's funny?" Then the answer hit me like a ton of bricks: People getting hit in the face is funny. Enjoy.
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Do you hate your neighbors? What about honeydew melon, or ethnic minorities? Or maybe you're the kind of person who really, REALLY likes something - like collecting salt packets, or creating a meticulous database of comic book "nadshots." Either way, you should probably start a blog and start writing about it! For better or worse, that seems to be the approach some people take when they start a website. This week on the Cracked Blog
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, I'm proud to bring you a small handful of the most ridiculously ill-conceived blogs the internet has to offer. Pointless Blog Roundup Pointless Blog #4: That's What She Said Written by an employment attorney from Atlanta, Georgia,
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That's What She Said is a blog dedicated to sucking every possible drop of humor out of The Office. Every week, TWSS analyzes the plot of the new episode and assesses it for its potential monetary litigation risk in real life. Hilarious! For example: This week's episode, had it actually occurred at a real paper supply company, could have cost the company $400,000! Writer Julie Elgar goes on to point out that Michael Scott is (get this) a BAD MANAGER, and that he probably would have been FIRED in real life. Past entries have discussed the real-life consequences of Dunder Mifflin's inter-office romances, rampant sexual harassment, and low productivity due to lax internet usage policies. Hold on a second... I'll finish typing this entry as soon as I'm done HOLDING MY SIDES! You know - from all the LAUGHTER! Human Resources people are a hoot, and attorneys are a laugh a minute, but EMPLOYMENT ATTORNEYS? Christ. Employment attorneys are some of the funniest people on the face of the planet. Right up there with actuaries and dead vacuum cleaner salesmen.
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