Here Are the Fan-Chosen ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Starter Episodes for ‘Always Sunny’ Newbies

Getting a new fan hooked on ‘Always Sunny’ is a delicate task that requires the right ‘tools’
Here Are the Fan-Chosen ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Starter Episodes for ‘Always Sunny’ Newbies

For a show as hardcore as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the uninitiated would be wise to cautiously dip their toes in before diving head-first into the deep end — you don’t wanna get stuck at the bottom in your jean shorts like some piece of white trash.

By now, most people with an appetite for the kind of aggressively offensive and squeamishly dark humor that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been mastering for the last 19 years are probably already fans of the show. Despite being the most unconscionably snubbed sitcom in the history of the EmmysAlways Sunny has a massive and extremely online fanbase that’s been preaching the show’s merits on social media sites for ages like they’re Charlie holy-rolling up to the crowd of Christian stain-viewers in an all-white suit ready for the Good Lord to go down on him.

However, not everyone with a respectable sense of humor spends all their time trading GIFs on Twitter like so many Always Sunny fans, and some people didn’t have cable when FX’s biggest comedy hit first began its historic stint as the longest-running live-action sitcom in American history. So, should any Always Sunny fan ever need help convincing someone who somehow doesn’t know what “The Implication” means to start watching, this popular Always Sunny fan account on Twitter recently warned that you have to pick the first episode carefully:

Ultimately, as many fans pointed out, the perfect It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode will inevitably be different for each person, so it requires bespoke suggestion skills to suss out exactly what will get a prospective new fan hooked. If they like sports, “The World Series Defense” will speak to them. If they love musicals, “The Nightman Cometh” is a no-brainer. And, if theyre the festive type, throw on “A Very Sunny Christmas” this December and see what happens.

Or, if theyre a big milk-drinker and have weird relationships with their family, dont show them Always Sunny at all — show them straight to the casting department and make them a McPoyle.


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