15 Captivating Facts That Really Pulverized Our Gallstones

Computers, unlike 13-year-olds on Tumblr, cannot be truly random.
15 Captivating Facts That Really Pulverized Our Gallstones

We enjoy this list of interesting facts from around the world on a daily basis, and we hope you'll find it equally entertaining. We hope you'll also appreciate our personal reflections as we have tried to be as honest as possible in sharing the bizarre, bizarre, bizarre things that we have encountered and learned about through our travels. It has been said that nothing in the world can make you feel inferior without your consent. Well, we would like to humbly submit that a vast number of facts in the world can make you feel extremely inferior, while you're in possession of those facts, and that no matter how hard you try to keep them to yourself, they will somehow find their way out. We believe that this is probably the most important lesson that we, and all of our friends, have learned in our short and fleeting lives so far.

Lincoln gave a speech that was so captivating no one took notes.

Lincoln gave a speech so enthralling that reporters stopped taking notes and now we don't know what he said. CRACKED.COM His Lost Speech was giv- en at the Bloomington Convention on May 29, 1856, in Bloomington, Illi- nois. It is believed to have been an impassioned con- demnation of slavery.


A Black Nascar driver couldn’t be awarded because it meant kissing a white beauty queen.

The first African American to win a Nascar race was snubbed in 1963. VERCU U - CRACKED.COM Though being two laps ahead of the other cars, Wendell Scott was ignored because the winner was to kiss a white beauty queen. Не was awarded the tro- phy in 2010, 20 years after his death.

The Guardian

Punchcards were invented to tabulate the US population.

Punchcards were invented to solve the problem of the 1890 US Census. 2(1) = Y (((1) PROJ039 ICATION ETA TEMEN FORTRAN STATEMENT GRAGKED.COM It took 8 years to process the data of the 1880 census, so Herman Hollerith invent- ed punch cards for tabula- tion, ushering in the era of data storage, databases, and supercomputers.


The strongman who said there is no reason to live without deadlifting died while deadlifitng.

Strongman Jon Pall Sigmarsson died of a heart attack in 1993 while deadlifting. CRACKED.COM Sigmarsson once shouted there is no reason to be alive if you can't deadlift when he won a deadlift contest with a world re- cord lift of 523 kg (1153 lbs).

Men's Health

The Nitrous Mafia sells balloons at concerts for hippies to huff.

There is a violent Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) Mafia that travels to music festivals. GRACKED.COM The Mafia carries nitrous tanks through concert sites, selling balloons for $5 to $10, which are then huffed. They can bank more than $300,000 per festival, minus expenses.

Village Voice

A Ravenmaster cares for murders at the Tower of London.

There is a full-time position at the Tower of London called the Ravenmaster. MICHAEL - PALIN LA - BELLA I FIGURA EREBUS - - MOSS I I PARKS CRACKED.COM This person is the care- taker for the flocks of Ra- vens that inhabit the grounds there. They let the birds out at first light, clean their cages, feed them, and put them to bed at night.

Historic UK

Jane Foster couldn’t make the final scene in Thor 2, so they brought in Thor’s wife.

Chris Hemsworth's wife stood in for Natalie Portman in Thor: The Dark World. CRACKED.COM When asked to choose from a lineup of women to take Portman's place after she couldn't make the final kiss reshoot, Hemsworth instead brought in his wife, who wore Natalie's clothes and wig.

Dish Nation

Just a few drops of dimethylmercury, even on protective coverings, is enough to kill.

A few drops of dimethylmercury killed a professor of chemistry at Dartmouth College in 1997. GRAGKED.COM Karen Wetterhahn died 10 months after a few drops landed on her protective gloves. Although she had been following the required procedures, the material permeated the gloves and her skin within seconds.

U of Bristol

Alexander Graham Bell offered to sell his telephone patent to Western Union.

Alexander Graham Bell offered to sell his telephone patent to Western Union for $100,000 in 1876. CRACKED.COM The committee ар- pointed to investigate the offer concluded the telephone was hardly more than a toy and inherently of no use to us.

Elon U

Richard Harris forgot he left a Rolls-Royce sitting in a garage for 25 years.

Richard Harris was so drunk through the 1970s that he forgot he owned a Rolls-Royce. CRACKED.COM It sat in a New York garage for 25 years before he found an old photo of him- self with it and his accoun- tant confirmed it was still there running up $90k in garage storage costs.


Sharks smell in stereo.

Sharks track their prey with their ability to smell in stereo. CRACKED.COM They can detect the tiny delays in the time it takes for a scent to reach one nostril compared to the other and use it to deter- mine the direction from where the scent is coming.


People thought getting rid of biting in football would make the players soft.

In 1905, 19 people died playing football, ten of which were aged 17 or younger. 16 10 CRACKED.COM People, including President Teddy Roosevelt, called for changes in rules. They sought to remove slapping, nose pulling and biting, but critics thought it would make the players soft.


Computers, unlike 13-year-olds on Tumblr, cannot be truly random.

Computers are incapable of producing true randomness. CRACKED.COM Procedural generation in- volves the use of outside sources like the mouse po- sition or the fan noise as a starting point and even use pseudorandom genera- tion algorithms using pre-made numbers.

How To Geek

The Olympics used to have events in sculpting and statistics.

The Olympic games used to include gold medals in categories such as sculpturing and statistics. CRACKED.COM The founder of mod- ern Olympics himself, Pierre de Coubertin, won the gold medal in literature at the 1912 summer Olympics.

Sports Reference

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