22 Historical Stories That Left Out The Best Details

22 Historical Stories That Left Out The Best Details

What we know about the media and history, in fact, is that the people writing that stuff love to sensationalize both. What's funny is that in their efforts to tell a better story, they leave out parts that would've naturally made the tales awesome. We're are NOT going to use the “truth is stranger than fiction” cliche, we're just no…DAMNIT. Well, it applies here. These stories are way, way more rad than the one our stodgy old history teachers told us. We didn't have time here to talk about all the trans and non-binary badass warriors that made history way radder than it had any right to be.We were too busy talking about wild shit like Abe Lincoln dragging 1,000-pound crates of stones around town. Yeah. That's just a taste.

To help illustrate this, we teamed up with image historian AuntieMeme to bring you some well-known stories that left out key details that would've made them great on their own.

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