22 Historical Stories That Left Out The Best Details

Sometimes lying to tell an awesome story is really unnecessary.
22 Historical Stories That Left Out The Best Details

What we know about the media and history, in fact, is that the people writing that stuff love to sensationalize both. What's funny is that in their efforts to tell a better story, they leave out parts that would've naturally made the tales awesome. We're are NOT going to use the “truth is stranger than fiction” cliche, we're just no…DAMNIT. Well, it applies here. These stories are way, way more rad than the one our stodgy old history teachers told us. We didn't have time here to talk about all the trans and non-binary badass warriors that made history way radder than it had any right to be.We were too busy talking about wild stuff like Abe Lincoln dragging 1,000-pound crates of stones around town. Yeah. That's just a taste.

To help illustrate this, we teamed up with image historian AuntieMeme to bring you some well-known stories that left out key details that would've made them great on their own.

We all know the stories about Honest Abe Lincoln and his log cabin. IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE TAUGHT All that og-splitting and bin-building made Abraham
In 1989, the world watched as the Berlin Wall fell. WHAT WASN'T REPORTED: The whole thing started by accident because an East German Politburo member
When the FBI finally captured Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, they found his manifesto against technology and figured they had their motive. WHAT THE NEWS LE
Remember all the news stories about Toyotas racing out of control? Toyota does. They recalled over 9 million cars between 2009 and 2011. WHAT THEY LEF
Machiavelli's The Prince was a how-to guide for tyranny, and to this day unethical grabs for power are called Machiavellian. WHAT HE LEF'T OUT It wa
In 1955, RoSA Parks made headlines and history when she refused to give up her seat on the bus. WHAT THE HEADLINES LEFT OUT Parks wasn't the first wom
The deadly 09-11-01 anthrax YOU CAN NOT STOp us. We HAVE THIS letters that You ANTHRAX. DIE NoW. ARE You AFRAIO? killed 5 people DEAT N To Americh. DE
In 2004, Merck was forced to pull Vioxx off the market and pay a huge settlement for heart-related side effects. The news media wrung its hands over t
Your English teacher probably convinced you that Shakespeare was a prim and proper fop who wrote elegant plays full of flowery speeches. WHAT THEY LEF
NBC, Fox, BBC, and even Discovery have been reporting that experts think Nessie might be dead. Is the Loch Ness Monster dead? The end of Nessie: Resea
A number of major news sources shared the story about the Denmark gym that offered naked cross-fit classes. WHAT THE NEWS LEFT our The story had start
In 1978, Hooker Chemical had to pay a steep fine and relocation fees for selling a toxic waste dump as a site for a school at Love Canal. FOR ess and
The Dark Ages were a terrible time to be alive, betweeny the disease, filth, poverty, and the Black Death. WHAT THE HISTORY BOOKS LEFT oUT It was a ti
The documentary White Wilderness captured lemming mass-suicides in action! WHAT THEY LEFT ouT Contrary to what the textbooks say, lemmings don't jump
When Houston Rockets power forward Charles Barkley tossed a man who had: thrown a glass of ice in his face through a first-floor window, it made headl
The history books teach that Columbus had trouble finding backers because nobody believed the world was round. WHAT THEY LEFT our Pythagoras pretty mu
In 2003, the space shuttle Columbia was destroyed while trying to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. The story dominated USA the news cycle, and scienti
In 2002, BBC named Winston Churchill the Greatest Briton ever. ygand He is credited with turning the of Britain tide against the Nazis and shepherding
In 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the Chevy Volt's lithium battery would catch fire in a 20-MPH collision. WHA
Sites like Business Insider and Newsweek recently revealed the existence of a series of 17 fake Interceptor cell towers, scattered across the countr
Bushido: The Soul of Japan taught us that Samurai longed for a noble death in service to their masters, and would commit suicide if they failed. Most
Hollywood and history books tell us that European settlers defeated the Indians. WHAT THEY LEFT OUT Just two years before the pilgrims landed in New E

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