The Love that Dare Not Beep its Name


You've heard the arguments, of course---that gay marriage will lead to a moral permissiveness which will rip apart the very fabric of our society. What they fail to mention is that this slippery slope may also lead to a future filled with funky robot lovin', according to one scientist:

"My forecast is that around 2050, Massachusetts will be the first jurisdiction to legalize marriages with robots," researcher David Levy told LiveScience... At first, sex with robots might be considered geeky, "but once you have a story like 'I had sex with a robot, and it was great!' appear someplace like Cosmo magazine, I'd expect many people to jump on the bandwagon," Levy said.
Assuming that Dr. Levy is correct---and let's face it, if they can put a man on the moon, there's no reason they can't give us the
infinitely more important robotic sex machines we all deserve---here are six sultry cybernetic models which I believe should be first off the assembly line: kellyl1.gif Model: The Lisa Inspired by: Kelly LeBrock Build: Makes Farah Fawcett look like Pat Benatar Hair: Brown, flowing dramatically backwards into some kind of timewarp or something Pros: Imparts lessons about life, love, and believing in oneself to troubled teens Cons: Sometimes visited by unpleasant
martial arts-programmed ex-husband "Seagalbot 3000" Memorable quote: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, or made of titanium." pris1.gif Model: The Pris Inspired by: Darryl Hannah Hair: Blonde, broomlike Build: Almost so manly it's hard to believe we used to think she was a sex symbol Pros: Stylish use of eye makeup, low-cost plastic wardrobe Cons: Homicidal robot boyfriend, unhealthy relationship with "other brother Darryl" Memorable quote: "Standard pleasure model"
jude1.gif Model: The Gigolo Joe Inspired by: Jude Law Hair: Pee-Wee meets "Ken" Build: Like a delicate flower of manhood Pros: Touching story of loneliness and search for humanity Cons: He's a dude Memorable quote: "I think... you're afraid of letting go. I think you're afraid of happiness. And this is starting to excite me." (Ed. note: If you only knew how many times we've heard that from pretty boys just like you.) data1.gif Model: The Data Inspired by: Himself Hair: Brown; keeps form in zero-G Build: You'd never know it by looking at him, but the guy can bend steel girders like they were freakin' pipe cleaners Pros: Programmed in multiple techniques Cons: Still hung up on dead blonde coworker; romantically linked to slimy semi-mechanical genocidal alien; again, a dude Memorable quote: "I am... fully functional." bonaventura1.gif Model:
The Becky Bonaventura Inspired by: The cutest girl in your high-school homeroom Hair: Crimped, spritzed, and beautiful Pros: Smells like Bubble Yum; brother can get California Coolers Cons: Her dad's a Robocop Memorable quote: "Unlike the real Becky Bonaventura, I'll never tell everyone about that time you wet your pants on the 5th-grade field trip." roomb1.gif Model: The Roomba Inspired by: All the "good times" you had with your parents' Hoover Hair: Whatever gets stuck in the filter Build: Sensuous curves, like a muscular Frisbee Pros: Can negotiate every difficult corner... of the heart Cons: Now that I think about it---none, really Memorable quote: "Powerful suction."
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