Resolve To Get Ahead In 2020 With These 10 Bundles

Lean into that New Year, New You!
Resolve To Get Ahead In 2020 With These 10 Bundles

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Resolutions are crazy things. Every year we set them, and by February we've already failed, yet we just keep doing it over and over again. Is that just us? Oh, you're actually good at keeping resolutions? Well then go, you! Lean into that New Year, New You! In fact, you've inspired us so much that we want to help you start off 2020 on the right foot, regardless of what your resolution is.

Make More Money

The Side Hustle And Productivity Hacker Freebie Bundle


MSRP: $876

Sale Price: FREE

Everybody's cashing in on the gig economy, so you should too! This 10-course bundle gives you tips on how to start a side hustle, so you can earn a little extra income without needing to happen upon a trove of precious gemstones. You'll even learn some productivity hacks to make earning that extra cheddar even easier. Also, it's free!

The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle


MSRP: $1,177

Sale Price: $39

Speaking of side hustles, one of the best is copywriting. There are tons of gigs out there, as companies look to expand their marketing efforts while keeping costs lean. This bundle shows you how to write effective copy for others, or how to build your own business from the ground up.

The Pro Google SEO And SERP Certification Bundle


MSRP: $2,000

Sale Price: $29

If you're side-hustling as a digital marketer or copywriter, you really should know something about SEO (search engine optimization). Search traffic can make or break a company, so they're willing to pay top dollar to SEO experts who can get them to the top of the search results. This bundle will teach you how to do that.

The Premium 2020 Learn-To-Code Certification Bundle


MSRP: $2,700

Sale Price: $45

Did you opt out of those coding classes in college? Are you feeling like a dang fool about that now? That's OK, you can learn to code now and start making tons of money like a dang winner! This massive 120-hour bundle introduces you to some of today's most popular and important programming languages, like Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and much more.

Pay What You Want -- The Unity Game Development Bundle


MSRP: $998.97

Sale Price: Pay What You Want

The barriers to game development are lower than ever after independent successes like Flappy Bird and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. You can pry open any remaining barriers by learning how to build your own game with this bundle. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next great game developer!

StackSkills Unlimited -- Lifetime Access

RI Stackskills UNLIMITED NEW Bosnt N CaNrwe

MSRP: $1,495

Sale Price: $299.99

Price Drop: $59

Not feeling any of those other things? Then learn whatever you want! With StackSkills Unlimited, you get lifetime access to a massive library that's home to hundreds of courses, covering everything from business analysis to photography.

Read More

ZapReader Speed-Reading -- Lifetime Subscription

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MSRP: $499

Sale Price: $39.99

The best way to read more is to simply read faster. ZapReader is a wonderful tool that teaches you how to speed-read by combining expert tips with innovative technology. Before you know it, you'll be flying through your book list like some kind of smarty-pants.

The Brain Booster Bundle


MSRP: $796

Sale Price: $19.99

Another secret to reading more? What are we, the Gossip Girl of reading more? We are? Oh, OK then! A good secret is to train your brain to work more efficiently. You can't read if you can't focus. This bundle teaches proven techniques to increase your focus, help you process information faster, and improve your memory.

Get Creative

The Complete Music Production Bundle


MSRP: $1,493

Sale Price: $20

You can learn a single instrument OR you can learn how to produce music from start to finish. That's like learning ALL the instruments, plus whatever DJ Khaled does. This nine-course, 60-hour bundle will teach you how to use popular platforms like Ableton, and how to create beautiful music from nothing.

The Complete Photography Side Business Bundle


MSRP: $1,990

Sale Price: $29

Yeah, you have a cool Instagram. But how are your actual photography skills? This 10-course bundle teaches you important composition techniques, introduces you to Adobe Lightroom, and will help you build a photography side business from the ground up.

Prices are subject to change.

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