2 New Shirts for H.P. Lovecraft and 'TMNT' Fans

We're past the holiday part of the winter and well into the "When will this black-snow psychological beatdown ever end?" part. It sucks. It happens. You'll survive. But there are a few ways you can survive and thrive: new warm clothes, fresh post-[insert your celebration here] gifts, or just scrolling a whole world of cool design concepts. Do you notice that all those links go to our Society6 store? Well, apologies for the UNSUBTLE HINT TO BUY THINGS FROM US, but we wanna outfit you for the bummer that can be February. And we have some new designs that'll do just that ...

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Nightmares aren't just scary. They're also fierce competitors. If you're having that luposlipaphobia dream again, it had to beat out every other terrifying thought in the world to win your brainspace. That's why this design by Redbubble ringer JKilpatrick is like the Horror Super Bowl, catching Poe and Lovecraft mid-Monday Night Football helmet-collision. Their winged/tentacled spookinesses battle for literary scream supremacy to this day. Why not celebrate that with, say, a shirt? Because if you like either (or both!) of them as much as we do, you should get something with this design in your (delusion of a safe and happy) life right away.

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Come on, modern TMNT adaptations. Don't give a potential badass a tessen and stop there. Because just like how Billy Preston/George Martin/marijuana all served as a crucial Fifth Beatle one way or another, April O'Neil deserves a shot at a promotion to Fifth Turtle. This design by Ript Apparel regular Obvian fully arms everyone's favorite reporter, because if nothing else someone might go full Kanye West on her recorder if she's not packing. Plus, come on! We need more female action heroes, representation matters, and cowabunga re: equality.


Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

So we built the largest store our infrastructure and creative muscle can support, then enhanced it by teaming with Society6 and their treasure trove of designs, then made everything we sell 1) cheaper, 2) available in more colors, 3) available on more things, and 4) fourth thing just to emphasize how impressive that is. But hey, you're curious what else is out there. We get it. That's why we found the five best new designs from outside our T-shirt team-up and present them to you here in the interest of you dressing better than everyone else you know (or you gifting them the joy of rad tees).

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Available at SnorgTees

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Available at TShirt Laundry

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