15 Crafty Pranksters In Hollywood

YouTube prankster ain’t got nothing on these actors.
15 Crafty Pranksters In Hollywood

Just like the rest of us, actors and filmmakers love teasing and pranking each other. They just happen to have basically limitless amounts of money, tons of people working to appease their every wish, and almost zero responsibilities -- all of which, shockingly, really helps when you’re trying to play pranks on people. After all, if someone is sore about the prank, being a Hollywood bigwig helps protect you. After all, celebrities can afford to either pay off the disgruntled or fire them if they react poorly. Hey, it was just a little joke, no hard feelings.

I mean, if you get pranked by Simon Pegg, he appears to be able to take it as well as he gives it out.

Today we'll be taking a look at some of Hollywood's most mischievous pranksters, hear about their tricks, and see how their pranks stack up to those of us regular, non-famous folk: 

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