6 Behind-The-Scenes Movie Pranks (That Were Total Madness)

For most people, screwing around at work just means opening a new tab in your browser and reading, well, this. On the other hand, when the cast and crews of big-budget movies need to let off steam on the set, the results are a lot more interesting. And luckily for us, there are always tons of cameras around. Here's photographic evidence that the people making our favorite movies and TV shows are some goofy motherflippers.


Harry Potter Gets Whoopee-Cushioned By Dumbledore And Snape

It's probably not surprising that there was some goofing around on the set of the Harry Potter movies, since the franchise basically served as middle school, high school, and community college for much of the cast. What is surprising is that the most juvenile of these jokes came not from the hordes of adolescent pretend-wizards, but from the franchise's respected British thespians. Yeah, you can stick the word "Sir" in front of someone's name, but that doesn't necessarily mean they won't act like a jackass when given the opportunity.

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During the filming of a scene in which all the Hogwarts students, male and female, camp out in sleeping bags together in the classic third movie, Harry Potter And The Sea Of Awkward Boners, Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe asked the director to have his sleeping bag put next to a girl he "fancied" -- kind of an adorable PG version of the sort of sleazy demands grown-up movie stars make.

Warner Bros. PicturesThe rest of the kids merely asked to be put as far away from Ron as possible (he slept in the woods).

What Radcliffe didn't know was that Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman, the actors playing Dumbledore and Snape, had a trick up their ridiculously oversized sleeves. Using the magic of deceit, the pair hid an electronic whoopee cushion in his sleeping bag, making it seem as though Radcliffe was ruining takes with his giant farts.

Harry Prrrt.

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Radcliffe first thought it was "one of the other kids fucking around," but nope, it was two acting legends with a combined age of over a hundred. So he may not have learned how to do magic in all those years in Hogwarts, but he did learn about pranking people -- a power he later put to good use against the paparazzi.

Here's Walt From Breaking Bad In A Diaper

Bryan Cranston's portrayal of meth-cooking cancer patient Walter White is one of the most intense performances in the history of television. And yet, anyone who's seen him on Malcolm In The Middle or Seinfeld knows that he can also be goofy as hell. Behind the scenes, this confluence of silliness and extreme drama sometimes collided like two airplanes over Albuquerque.

While filming one of the many tense scenes between Walt and his wife Skyler, the tension was undercut just a tad by Cranston entering the scene dressed as a giant baby. A literal one. As opposed to most screen stars, who are merely metaphorical giant babies.

Sony Pictures TelevisionThis is probably the closest we'll ever get to a gritty drug-filled reboot of Cabbage Patch Kids.

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The actress playing Skyler, Anna Gunn, seems confused at first, but soon joins the fun. This quickly goes from "tense confrontation" to "roleplaying night at the White household."

Sony Pictures TelevisionThat's as far as we can show you.

Similarly upending a dead serious moment with his wacky hijinks, Cranston turned a key scene in which Walt gives Jesse a gun and asks him to commit a murder into more juvenile shenanigans. Instead of producing a revolver and asking Jesse to take a life, Cranston produces a pink dildo. His co-star, Aaron Paul, keeps his cool for admirably long, until Cranston goes and squirts him in the face with water. (Or we hope it's water.)

Sony Pictures TelevisionBukkakin' Bad

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The weird thing is, we could totally see a storyline wherein Walt has to kill a rival drug lord who operates out of a sex shop and rigs a dildo to shoot acid.

Behold The Predator Dance Party

A lot of key elements factored into the Predators' role as the greatest hunters in the Universe: brute strength, the power of invisibility, and of course, how they rarely ever leave themselves vulnerable by spontaneously breaking into elaborate dance routines. That wasn't the case behind the scenes, though. While filming Predator 2 (the one where Predator gets all snarled up in an LA gang war), a gaggle of dreadlocked space monsters apparently got the urge to boogie, and couldn't stop their pelvises and limbs from rhythmically gyrating to whatever sick beats the 1990s had to offer.

20th Century FoxWe're pretty sure that's the Macarena.

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Yup, during their downtime, the crew somehow mustered the energy to fill the Predators' ship full of dry ice and shoot an amateur music video. It turns out that one of the actors in those Predator suits was Lionel Douglas -- who, in addition to being Big Bird, was a professional dancer. He was the one who choreographed the whole thing, and who taught the other Predators these sick moves.

Vanilla Ice hitched his wagon to the wrong early '90s monster suit franchise.

Danny Glover even shows up at the end! And if you ever wondered what it would look like if Detective Murtaugh had a Bar Mitzvah onboard a creepy spaceship attended by only a handful of vagina-dentata-mouthed Rastafarian alien thrill-seekers, well, look no further.

20th Century FoxGlover woke up the next morning with a headache and 15 Predator eggs hatching in his sphincter.

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Witness That Time Barbra Streisand Whipped Indiana Jones

The world of cinema is full of bizarre urban legends -- just ask Richard Gere's butt. For instance, for years, there were rumors that Barbra Streisand showed up on the set of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom dressed as a dominatrix and started whipping Indy. That sounds like the sort of thing we'd hear from our buddy whose uncle works at Nintendo.

We all assumed that any footage of this incident, if it even exists, would be sealed off in some kind of crate full of face-melting Bible ghosts for all eternity. Well, to the delight of movie fans and authors of Indy/Yentl erotic fanfiction alike, a tape of this most sought-after outtake eventually surfaced. It all went down during the scene in which Harrison Ford is being whipped by a decidedly un-sexy, not remotely dominatrix-like temple guard. To Ford's surprise, Spielberg got Streisand to take the guard's place. Unfortunately, the quality of the leaked tape looks like the Zapruder film viewed through a jug of moonshine, but you can tell from the audio that it's either Barbra or a very good impersonator.

LucasfilmLooks like there's a bit of a "Streisand effect" going on in Ford's pants right now.

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As Streisand whips, she says it's for all the crappy movies Ford starred in, adding: "This is for all the money you're going to make on Return Of The Jedi." Of course, if she could have foreseen Hollywood Homicide and Cowboys & Aliens, Ford may not have survived the prank. Furthering the fever-dream-ness of this odd stunt, Carrie Fisher and Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner show up ... meaning Disney probably owns all this shit now.


LucasfilmWe're surprised there isn't a "Dominatrix Streisand with karate chop action" action figure yet.

Fisher (who also appears to be in some sort of disguise) kisses Ford, and then Kershner starts directing Spielberg to inflict more pain on the actor, saying "You call that shouting? You call that pain?" It's probably a good thing this tape didn't come out sooner, because it ends with this unfortunate quip:

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Harrison Ford: "Really hit me! Really hit me this time!"

Barbra Streisand: "OK."

Harrison Ford: "Don't do it with such ... really hit me!"

Barbra Streisand: "I feel like a faggot ..."

Kind of biting the fanbase that feeds you there, Barbra.

And Now, Marty McFly As Cheech (From Cheech And Chong)

Between filming harrowing scenes of dodging incest and attempted rape (among other disturbing shit), the cast of Back To The Future somehow managed to find the time for a bit of light fun. While scrounging through the movie's outtakes for any lingering evidence of Eric Stoltz, you might notice a particularly silly alternate take in which Michael J. Fox plays Marty with the voice, and fashion sense, of Cheech Marin's pothead Cheech And Chong character. Why? Because repeating the same lines over and over gets old after a while, and boredom is a strange muse.

Universal Pictures

Universal PicturesAt least we're assuming this is a funny joke, and not Fox's original, woefully misguided take on the character.

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Smoking, swearing, and validating every crappy thing Principal Strickland said about him, Marty strolls the halls smoking a cigarette, which ... hey, was probably totally cool in 1955. In a scene that was ultimately cut from the movie, Marty notices that his mom is cheating on a test, leading to some unsavory language:

Universal Pictures"There she is, man, there's the bitch!"

Universal Pictures"Son of a bitch, she's cheatin', man!"

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Universal Pictures"Hey, bitch!"

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Universal PicturesSo yeah, they're basically Bizarro Universe Rick and Morty.

This wasn't the only bit of tomfoolery going on during production. In the scene where Marty slugs back some booze while hitting on his mom, the props department replaced the fake stuff with real alcohol, and made sure to capture the actor's reaction:

Universal PicturesSadly, there are no outtakes where they tried the same joke with the truck full of horse shit.

And Finally, Game Of Thrones's King's Landing Dance-O-Rama

Game Of Thrones is probably a huge pain in the ass to film. Think about it: When you aren't getting pretend-stabbed, you're awkwardly straddling a nude co-worker or marveling at the awe and majesty of a goddamn tennis ball which is supposed to be a dragon. But apparently, the cast has found ways to perk things up a bit.

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While filming the dour business of Tyrion going on trial for a crime he didn't commit, the actors took a surprisingly festive turn. Either because they craved the showmanship of a grand Mariah-Carey-like entrance, or maybe because they felt bad for the extras who had to sit around for hours for a scene with no beheadings or nudity, the Lannisters danced their way into the Great Hall. It's as if HBO thought people might enjoy the show more if actors entered rooms the same way guests come out on Ellen.

The extras get into the spirit clapping along while Tyrion dances like it's last call at a wedding -- you know, one of those weddings that doesn't end in slit throats and pregnant ladies getting stabbed, presumably.

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