19 Photos That Unwind Movie And IRL Magic Moments

19 Photos That Unwind Movie And IRL Magic Moments

Real-life and the movies can have a lot in common. Like when you strip away all the illusion of how stuff works, you're just kind of left with a sad reality that magic isn't real. Sure, it can be really fun to learn how things work. You now have some interesting facts to rattle off down awkward silences at parties. Plus seeing three Gandalfs at the same time is always a delight. So let's try to remember the fun parts, huh? Smile because it happened, huh? You're right, the magic has diminished.

So, without further ado, allow us to further strip away that magic. Still try to have fun, but fair warning: the magic is going to be stripped away. It's just what we do here sometimes.

We asked our readers to give us a gritty behind-the-scenes look of all the pretty things we like, and gave money for the best entries ...

Ever asked yourself how Mickey goes to work? 4e, IS ANTASY ...Through tunnels, of course
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