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We've all spent a ton of time wincing over entertainment that hasn't aged well. But even we have to grudgingly admit that sometimes, movie and show creators are prescient enough to get something exactly right, way before the viewing public makes up its mind.

Following are scenes from movies and shows that were surprisingly progressive for their time.

Entry by Mike Kohnke

CRACKEDCON A 1964 episode of THE MUNSTERS bravely has Herman teaching his son, Eddie: It doesn't matter what you look like... you can be tall, or sho

Entry by Joyce Rogers

In 1977, CRACKED C COM ALLL took on transgenderism and violent homophobia IN THE FAMILY in one groundbreaking, two-part episode, Edith's Crisis of Fa

Entry by PookieJones

Happy Days tackled the issue of racial segregation in 1974. In The Best Man, the Cunninghams offer their home for the wedding of Howard's Army buddy

Entry by PollyDarton

In the DESIGNING 1987 women episode of Killing All The Right People The Sugarbaker firm is hired by a young man dying of AIDS, while Mary Jo (Annie

Entry by Joyce Rogers

Way back in 1960, June Cleaver set The Beav straight on a woman's place in the world: GIRLS'VE GOT IT LUCKY... THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE SMART. THEY DON'T

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