15 Texts From Last Night (From Famous Superheroes) Pt. 4


Writing words can be a lot of damn work. So much so that, sometimes, we just give up altogether and let our friends do the work for us. Today, the dynamic duo behind the website Texts From Superheroes is back with another look into the personal conversations of your favorite pretend protectors.

...00 League 4G 3:44 PM 90% Messages Arrow Contacts Urgent mission. You need to move a meteor headed for Earth. It has the mass to be a world ending e

BAT&T 3G 1:55 PM 89% Messages Batman Contact Soon an eternal winter will fall on Gotham and the world will know the name Dr. Freeze. Doctor? You're Mr

Messages Avengers Contacts Status check. I'm down to 10% power and 5 missiles. I have 3 arrows and my charm. I've got 80% power on stingers, two sidea

Messages Cap Contacts I'm sorry about all this Tony, but Bucky's my friend. So was L. Are you serious? We fought ALL the time. You never listened to m

Messages Beast Contact The Hand won't let me join their ninja organization. I even offered to bring my own swords. I am unsure what you expect me to d

15 Texts From Last Night (From Famous Superheroes) Pt. 4

BAT&T 4G 3:44 PM 90% Messages Flash Contacts So how did you turn Ace into Bat-dog? Same way I became Batman, training, hard work and a bat costume. Hu

HAHA 4G 3:44 PM 90% Messages Ivy Contacts I had a fight with Mistah J. I'm in trouble. Could you go to the store for me? Fine, what do you need? Choco

15 Texts From Last Night (From Famous Superheroes) Pt. 4

Messages JLA Contacts I can't help with that JLA call. I have Kryptonite poisoning. No powers. You understand. Batman and I don't have powers but we'r

Messages Joker Contacts Luthor baby, how ya feeling? Not great. I don't recall much after deciding it wouLD be funny to dress as Superman for the Hall

Stark 4G 3:44 PM 45% Messages Spidey Contacts Is anyone flying by that could pick me up for the Avengers meeting? No, just swing over here. It's the m

Messages Daredevil Contacts I just took down some guy named Mysterio, he said he normally deals with you. Good work, he can be tricky. I wouldn't say

Bugle 4G 3:44 PM 90% Messages J. Jonah Contacts Just SO you know, ! quit, sir. QUIT!?! Parker, who else would pay you anything for those garbage photo

Messages UItron Contacts I'm planning to cleanse the Earth of humans and could use an Infinity Stone. I'd love to help but I don't have any. Loki neve

Super 4G 3:44 PM 90% Messages Superman Contacts I'm not sure I understand this holiday you invited me to. Oh. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus

Texts From Superheroes is written by Internet comedian Diana McCallum and stand-up comedian Andrew Ivimey.

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