25 Movie Franchises That Really Should Have Stopped After One Sequel

How many guys can John Wick kill?
25 Movie Franchises That Really Should Have Stopped After One Sequel

It can be tempting, if a movie studio keeps paying you kajillions of dollars, to keep driving an idea into the ground until you hit molten core and let the lava take you. At least, we assume it is. If any Hollywood executives out there want to pay us fuck-off money to dance like monkeys in the service of some soulless corporate garbage, please let us know.

But whatever happened to the single sequel? Plenty of movies got a Movie Title 2 and quit while they were ahead. GremlinsGrease2001: A Space Od— Wait, 2001: A Space Odyssey had a sequel? We don’t have time for that. The point is that a lot of franchises never should have happened. They should have gotten one sequel at most.

“For me, it’s Child’s Play,” user karma_hit_my_dogma told r/AskReddit. “I love the Chucky character, but the rest of them are just tropes to me and comedy, removing the spirit of it.” They then asked, “What movie franchise should have stopped at two?,” and Reddit couldn’t stop itself from providing all sorts of answers.


The Mummy


The Fast and the Furious

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

The Addams Family

Free Willy


Home Alone

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Hangover



The Expendables

The Mighty Ducks

John Wick



Scary Movie


Toy Story

Ice Age

The Terminator



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