Hollywood, the dream factory. Ever since its inception, Hollywood has been the stuff of dreams. For aspiring actors and directors, it has been a place to make those dreams a reality. For moviegoers, it has been a place to escape the mundane realities of everyday life. From grand musicals to gritty crime dramas, Hollywood has always had something to offer. Today, even in the face of shifting tides, Hollywood remains a powerful force in the entertainment industry. And for those who continue to dream, it is still the place to be. So come on down to Hollywood, the dream factory. You just might find that your dreams come true.

The appellation fits: Everything about golden age Hollywood was manufactured -- and for many working there, it was often a nightmare. If you think movies today are made by cynical, marketing-minded execs, then man, do we have news about how worse the industry used to be. All the glitz, the glamour, the dazzle were all conjured up by publicists. In dark places where the film lights didn't shine, these things happened.

CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD WAS RUN BY HARVEY WEINSTEIN TYPES. Studio execs, agents, and filmmakers were very powerful men, and would often abuse that power. Sexual harassment was rampant and unlike today, there wasn't the slightest chance the perpetrators would ever face consequences.

Source: Variety

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