'Grease' Prequel To Finally Tie-Up All Those Lingering 'Grease' Mysteries

Was Grease Lightning was powered by midi-chlorians?
'Grease' Prequel To Finally Tie-Up All Those Lingering 'Grease' Mysteries

Despite the fact that the original Grease seemed like a pretty simple, cut-and-dried musical that didn't really need any further explorations of the larger Grease mythology, we are now getting a prequel to Grease. The upcoming flick Summer Lovin' will chronicle Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsen's fling that set the stage for the events of the first movie, and were tidily recounted in a four-minute song that will now be ballooned into a feature-length movie.

If we're to go by the lyrics of the song "Summer Nights" the movie will presumably involve Danny rescuing Sandy from a swimming cramp (which according to some fans, resulted in her death) followed by lemonade and make-out sessions. Oh, and bowling. Hopefully, the new movie will throw some velociraptors or something into the mix because that sounds boring as hell. Also, judging from Danny's friends' inquiries about Sandy putting "up a fight" presumably Danny doesn't have the best track record when it comes to respecting consent. Somehow this isn't even the creepiest song in the movie.

Summer Lovin' is set to be directed by Brett Haley who made the charming indie comedy Hearts Beat Loud, because Hollywood's reward for making a quaint, earnest film is a gig necromancing a big-budget franchise back into existence. Reportedly the studio is hoping to turn the movie into a franchise, paving the way for a kind of Grease cinematic universe. Which is dumb for a bunch of reasons, not least of which is that the last time they tried to expand upon the Grease canon it didn't exactly go so well ... 

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