Hollywood Insider Says ‘South Park’ Got Kathleen Kennedy All Wrong

Matthew Belloni insists that Kennedy is not the ‘woke warrior’ Eric Cartman painted her to be
Hollywood Insider Says ‘South Park’ Got Kathleen Kennedy All Wrong

When Kathleen Kennedy-Cartman said to “put a chick in it and make her gay,” she clearly wasn’t talking about the director’s chair.

Back in October, 2023, Trey Parker and Matt Stone gave the vocal and sizable contingency of the South Park fandom whose mental health is contingent on the casting decisions for mass-appeal movies their new favorite phase whenever a woman joins an action franchise with the special South Park: Joining the Panderverse. The extra-long episode centered around South Park’s take on the “Woke Disney” discussion that has only grown louder and more inane since the special aired as the recent power struggle between Disney CEO Bob Iger and activist Nelson Peltz, who found the multi-billion dollar franchise Black Panther and its majority Black cast particularly triggering, made front-page entertainment news for weeks before Iger’s eventual victory. In Joining the Panderverse, all of the media mega-corporation’s problems stem from the actions of one Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy (Cartman in a wig) who, as the saying goes, ruins every beloved property by putting a chick in it and making her gay and lame.

On a recent episode of his podcast The Town, former The Hollywood Reporter editorial director and founder of Puck Matthew Belloni brought up South Park’s portrayal of the oft-criticized movie magnate and clarified that, according to industry insiders, the idea that Kennedy is single-handedly stuffing Disney franchises with diversity and progressive values to the detriment of the final product is absolutely laughable — even though Joining the Panderverse was plenty funny.

“That whole South Park thing,” Belloni said when discussing Kennedy and criticisms of her tenure, “it was funny, but it wasn’t accurate. Within Disney, she’s not known as the 'woke warrior.’ She kind of has to be convinced — from everything I’ve been told — she has to be convinced to do this stuff.”

As for the state of Star Wars and its supposed downfall at the hands of “wokeness,” as so many of the franchise’s irate fans declare daily on Twitter and in their forums, Belloni points out that, if Kennedy’s plan was to inundate the beloved nerd universe with hyper-liberalism and replace all the white guys with diversity hires, she’s doing a shit job. “There’s still never been a female director of a Star Wars movie,” Belloni pointed out, “I’m very critical of Kathleen Kennedy, but I don’t think she’s gone overboard on the diversity stuff.”

That, of course, is not going to slow down any of the South Park fans who were galvanized by Kennedy’s portrayal in Joining the Panderverse and now flood the comment sections and replies of every piece of Disney news with their favorite slogan as they fight back against Kennedy’s reign of tolerant terror. Facts certainly have never stopped Cartman in the past.


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