Seven Celebrities Who Are Way Worse in Real Life Than Their ‘South Park’ Parody

The gun-wielding R. Kelly on ‘South Park’ is way safer to be around than the actual R. Kelly
Seven Celebrities Who Are Way Worse in Real Life Than Their ‘South Park’ Parody

Most of the time, South Park hits the nail on the head with their celebrity skewering. John Edwards, for example, is precisely the manipulative asshole who preys on people’s grief that the show made him out to be, and Jennifer Lopez seems to be exactly as mean and entitled as she is in the series. There have been times, however, where South Park fell short of telling you just how much of a monster somebody really is. 

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R. Kelly

On South Park, R. Kelly is a gun-wielding maniac who grabbed a woman from a crowd and threatened to “cap this bitch.” That’s bad, of course, but it’s fairly mild when you compare that to what a horrible rapist/pedophile R. Kelly is in real life.

Mama June

While South Park went way overboard in its lampooning of Honey Boo Boo — she was just a kid, after all — it didn’t go nearly far enough in its attack on her mother. Sure, they were far from kind, but the portrayal of her as an overweight redneck failed to capture just how badly Mama June cynically exploited her child for fame.

Jared Fogle

South Park attacked Fogle, the Subway guy, well before he was found to be a pedophile, which is why he’s only critiqued for being a dopey, mildly dishonest spokesperson. But Matt Stone and Trey Parker did eventually make things right when they made Fogle a boss fight in the 2017 video game South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

Kanye West

If Kanye were only a humorless moron who couldn’t understand a simple joke, like he was on South Park, he might still be cranking out hit songs. But he’s also a conspiracy-loving anti-Semite, which makes the idiot Kanye on South Park seem almost charming by comparison.

Mel Gibson

Yet again, South Park hammered a celebrity for being a kooky goofball, yet failed to capture the depths of their anti-Semitism.

Donald Trump

Despite being an angry, immigrant-hating pervert, Mr. Garrison is also inexplicably lovable, which is part of the reason why using him as a substitute for Trump during his presidency didn’t really work. Not only did the gag get tiresome long before Trump’s term was up, but by not having Trump as a real character in their world, South Park could never sufficiently skewer him for all the awful things he was doing. 

There are so many reasons not to want Trump to return to the White House, but Mr. Garrison’s position on South Park is chief among them — along with that whole insurrection thing.

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