Did Ashton Kutcher Accidentally Tease His Friend Diddy’s Depravity in an Old ‘Hot Ones’ Interview?

Did Ashton Kutcher Accidentally Tease His Friend Diddy’s Depravity in an Old ‘Hot Ones’ Interview?

Long before he wrote a letter to the judge in the Danny Masterson rape case pleading for leniency, Ashton Kutcher was kicking it at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ place during ragers that he wouldn’t describe on camera. At this point, the FBI should have a watchlist solely devoted to anyone Kutcher has ever tagged in an Instagram post.

Right now, the massively influential music mogul Combs stands accused of many disturbing acts of sex trafficking, sexual abuse and rape. After numerous individuals filed civil lawsuits against the rapper and record executive, federal agents with Homeland Security raided Combs’ houses in Los Angeles and Miami on March 25th. Combs has condemned the accusations against him as “baseless” and “sickening,” and federal prosecutors have yet to formally charge him on any crime related to the lawsuits or the home raids.

But, should the time come that Combs needs legal assistance, he knows that one of his best buds has a history of supporting his bros through such hardships. Combs and Kutcher have had a very close relationship since Kutcher’s Punk’d days, and, in 2019, Kutcher even admitted to witnessing some literally unspeakable scenes at Diddy’s now-infamous parties during an interview with Sean Evans on Hot Ones at roughly the 11:00 mark in the video below. 

For a guy who so vocally associates himself with the fight against sex trafficking, Kutcher’s track record of cozying up to accused sex criminals is more suspicious than that smoke coming up from Forman’s basement.

“Diddy party stories are our favorite genre of anecdote if you have one,” Evans told his guest during the “Explain that Gram” portion of the interview, in which Hot Ones participants are shown their own social media posts and asked to give context to the interesting scenes. As many entertainment news outlets and gossip blogs have pointed out in the last couple of days, there is an extensive library of publicly available photos showing Kutcher and Combs in various party situations.

Kutcher answered, “Well, Ive got a lot I cant tell,” before stuttering while attempting to remember a palatable story. Kutcher finally added with a sigh, “Cant tell that one either.” Kutcher went on to describe the history of his friendship with Combs, which started when the rapper told Kutcher that he would never be able to successfully prank him on Punk'd. “We became fast friends, we used to hang out and watch football together,” Kutcher said of the only PG pastimes he and his embattled friend shared.

The parties that Kutcher refused to describe on Hot Ones are at the center of many of the lawsuits against Combs, as multiple women have accused Combs of forcible rape at the high-profile bashes. While Kutcher isnt named in any of the civil suits, some news outlets have reported a rumor that he and his wife Mila Kunis worry that they may receive a subpoena in current or future legal action against their old friend.

However, Kutcher and Kunis have seemingly learned from their past mistakes when they came out in support of Masterson back when their That ‘70s Show co-star faced similar accusations, and they have made no such public statement defending Combs against the allegations. And, ever since the Masterson trial, celebrities who aren’t accused of being massive sex pests haven't exactly been clamoring for their endorsement, either — Matt Rife better keep his nose clean, lest that one tour announcement age like that glass milk.


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