Here’s Every Creepy Thing Diddy Did in ‘Get Him to the Greek’

How is Russell Brand not the creepiest part of this movie?
Here’s Every Creepy Thing Diddy Did in ‘Get Him to the Greek’

Not every movie stands the test of time, as evidenced by *gestures to every Hollywood comedy made in the 1980s*. And sometimes movies become extra-uncomfortable to watch because of the subsequent actions of their stars, as evidenced by *gestures to literally every frame of film containing Woody Allen*. 

These days, a number of movie fans are noticing that the 2010 comedy Get Him to the Greek plays way differently than it did 14 years ago, thanks mainly to its cast, which includes allegedly-toxic texter Jonah Hill, anti-vax conspiracy theorist/accused rapist Russell Brand and Diddy.

Get Him to the Greek is, of course, the Judd Apatow-produced Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off that starred Brand as Aldous Snow (who is somehow a douche-y rock star and not a Hogwarts professor) and Hill as some character that confusingly isn’t the guy he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Also along for the ride, Diddy (credited as Sean Combs), who played the crazed, egomaniacal record executive Sergio Roma. 

Now that Combs is “facing multiple civil lawsuits accusing him of sex trafficking, sexual abuse and rape” and just had two of his homes raided by Homeland Security, reportedly as part of “a federal inquiry into sex trafficking allegations,” people have pointed out that much of Get Him to the Greek has aged about as well as cottage cheese-infused asbestos. 

It’s not just that Combs appears in the movie, it’s that he portrays an unhinged member of the music industry who commits several crimes, many of which are disquietingly similar to what he’s being accused of now. For example, there’s a moment in Get Him to the Greek in which Roma instructs a random guest to have sex with Hill’s character Aaron during one of his wild parties. She’s eager to break into the music business, and Aaron is vocally resisting the whole thing.

Get Him to the Greek also gave us a scene where Roma aggressively pressures Aaron into shoving heroin up his ass for a plane ride with Aldous. Meanwhile, a 25-year-old man who is allegedly Diddy’s personal “drug mule” was arrested at a Miami airport last week, just hours after the raids started.

And while one complaint alleges that Diddy “chased a rival industry executive with a gun,” toward the end of Get Him to the Greek, Roma goes berserk and chases Aaron and Aldous out of his party through a series of “Kubrickian” hallways.

All of this is likely just a complete coincidence, like how Saturday Night Live joked about Kevin Spacey’s awfulness back in the 1990s. Sure Get Him to the Greek director Nicholas Stoller reportedly wrote the part of Roma specifically for Combs, but he obviously had no way of knowing that his movie would one day parallel real-life allegations. The only explanation is: This movie is cursed. 

I mean, we haven’t even mentioned that this movie also features T.J. Miller.

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