The Men of ‘That ‘70s Show’ (Minus Topher Grace) Have Always Been This Gross

The Men of ‘That ‘70s Show’ (Minus Topher Grace) Have Always Been This Gross

When Eric Forman exited That ‘70s Show at the end of its seventh season, he apparently took the last shred of decency with him.

Last week, Danny Masterson, best known for playing the wise-cracking counter culture bad boy Steven Hyde in That ‘70s Show, was sentenced to 30 years to life after a jury found him guilty on two counts of forcible rape. Michael Kelso actor Ashton Kutcher, despite claiming advocacy for victims of horrific sex crimes over the past decade, defended Masterson in a letter addressed to the judge in Masterson’s case pleading for leniency in the sentencing. Kutcher’s wife and former co-star Mila Kunis also wrote a letter to the same effect.

Since their respective character reference letters were leaked to the public, Kelso and Jackie have recanted their defense of their rapist friend in a bizarre apology video posted on Instagram over the weekend. However, the Internet at large isn’t quite ready to forgive the couple — especially Kutcher, who, despite co-founding the anti-human trafficking organization Thorn in 2012, has a history of creepiness that’s been put on dazzling display by half of Twitter.

Every That ‘70s Show fan knows that a 15-year-old Kunis famously lied about her age in order to land a role in the series while Kutcher was almost 20 when the show first began. Since Kunis and Kutcher reportedly didn’t start their romantic relationship until over a decade after their first meeting, no one blinked an eye at the pairing as potentially improper — but the above unearthed clip from The Rosie O’Donnell Show in which Kutcher admits to having a bet with Masterson about sticking his tongue in a minor’s mouth without warning raises questions about whether or not Kunis was treated appropriately as an underaged actor during the show.

Well-documented were the suspicious dating habits fan-favorite That ‘70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama, the actor behind Fez, who famously met singer and actress Mandy Moore when she was 15 and he was 19, quickly starting a relationship and even bragged about taking her virginity. Valderrama claimed that he waited to initiate a relationship until she was “16 or 17.” Then, in his subsequent relationships after his breakup with Moore, Valderrama made a habit of dating young stars right when they turned 18, having highly-publicized relationships with Lindsay Lohan and Demi Lovato that supposedly (and suspiciously) started the second they turned legal.

While the internet pours over the poor behavior of the men of the central That ‘70s Show cast, it’s important to remember that one key member of the basement crew remains unproblematic — Topher Grace, the actor formerly known as Eric Forman, has managed to stay out of any trouble with sexual assault or untoward behavior around underaged girls. Grace is happily married to actress Ashley Hinshaw, with whom he has three kids and no letters of recommendation for a serial rapist.

Obviously I’ll knock on wood before writing this next part since celebrity worship will continue to backfire every single day that Twitter continues to exist, but it’s damn near a miracle to disillusioned That ‘70s Show fans how Forman’s biggest scandal is still just how bad Spider-Man 3 sucked.

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