21 Movies That Everyone Should Watch at Least Once

‘Requiem for a Dream’ might be better drug prevention than D.A.R.E.
21 Movies That Everyone Should Watch at Least Once

Despite what certain factions of the internet will tell you, what makes a movie good is largely subjective. Maybe you live for a heart-pounding action sequence, or maybe they bore you to tears. Maybe you consider a good love story to be full of adventure and excitement, or maybe you just want two people exchanging big words and not doing much else. One moviegoer’s trash is another’s treasure that they keep trying to foist on other people.

But there are a rare few films that are so universally appealing, they truly should be seen by everybody. Or maybe it’s not necessarily an enjoyable watch, but it’s important to understanding the world or even just every other movie that came after that. Whatever the case, when user Dazzling-Leader7476 asked r/AskReddit, “What’s one movie that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime?” Reddit had plenty of proclamations to issue.

Saving Private Ryan


Citizen Kane

V for Vendetta

Requiem for a Dream

Do the Right Thing

The Lord of the Rings

It’s a Wonderful Life

The Lighthouse


Schindler’s List

The Act of Killing


Hotel Rwanda

Fight Club

The Godfather

The Matrix

Everything Everywhere All at Once


The Usual Suspects

The Princess Bride

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