20 Underrated Action Movies That Deserve More Attention

It's not all 'Die Hard,' you know.
20 Underrated Action Movies That Deserve More Attention

Listen, when we’re frolicking in the meadow with our significant other, staring deep into their eyes as we cherish each other and melt into one – we’re actually just thinking about Die Hard. But did you know there are other action movies? There’s also The Matrix. And Terminator 2. And everything John Woo and Jackie Chan made during the ’80s and early ’90s. So you get it: even ignoring the absolute classics, there is a lot to love.

In this Pictofact, however, we don’t really focus on those other actioners. Rather, we focus on underrated or even forgotten flicks in the genre. Some of them are more explosive, others artsier, others may not even count as straight-up action films. In every case, though, what you will really find if you actually watch them (and we trust you will see every last one of them) is the thrill of the experience. labels are fake, but that feeling you get when you watch a good action film, it ends, and you’re all pumped — that is real. Real and profound. Like meeting your soulmate (by which we only ever mean Die Hard’s Holly Gennaro).

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