Jim Breuer Says Woke Psychopaths Are Starting to Lighten Up

Jim Breuer Says Woke Psychopaths Are Starting to Lighten Up

“Show me the comedian that talks about being woke for an hour that is selling out theaters and arenas,” comedian Jim Breuer recently told Outkick. Anyone? Beuller? Oh, that comedian “doesn't exist. So yeah, we are learning to laugh again at common sense."

The good news, according to Breuer? The unnamed woke comics are being shown the door — either that, or they’re recalibrating their senses of humor. “As what I would call them, ‘psychopaths’ have realized how crazy they are and are going, ‘You know, maybe we should lighten up a little bit, we pushed it a little too far.’ They're lightening up a little bit,” he says. “I think the 'woke’ — oh, we're not allowed to talk about that movement — is dying tremendously.”

Why do comedians like Breuer insist no one is allowed to talk about the woke movement while devoting entire podcasts to talking about the wake movement? You got me. Maybe it’s because he’s convinced that the most powerful comedy outlets are discriminating against the Jim Breuers of the world. 

"I was talking to Netflix and one of the guys in development was like, ‘Jim, I’m a huge fan of you. (But we’re) not in the business of white guys that are over the age of 40, and (we’re) not going to be,'" Breuer says, shaking his proverbial fist at the streamer. "So that’s the world they are committed to. It doesn't matter if it's funny, you gotta be this color or that color or that sexuality or that country or this thing in order for us to put our spotlight on. And that's not comedy, that's you trying to appease a society that you're trying to create." 

Unfortunately for Breuer, reality doesn’t support his theory. Netflix is still quite happy to do business — and comedy specials — with white guys over 40. In 2023, white men Jim Jeffries (47), Bert Kreischer (51), John Mulaney (41), Tom Segura (44), Mark Normand (40), Pete Holmes (44), Mike Birbiglia (45), and Ricky Gervais (62) all premiered new Netflix specials — so maybe there’s another reason the streamer believes America isn’t clamoring for a new Breuer special? 

But there’s still hope. Breuer points to a fellow truth-teller as a shining beacon in the night of wokeness, a signal that we’re regaining our sense of humor as a culture. “If you look at a guy like Shane Gillis, if he was saying what he just said two years ago, it would be 'Oh my God, how dare you, how dare you say some of those things!'” Breuer said. “And that was a guy that was canceled from Saturday Night Live, and now he's hosting the damn thing." 

Gillis is another white male who got a special from Netflix last year. Maybe the company and its psychopaths are starting to lighten up? Possibly, but they still don’t want to be in the Jim Breuer business. 


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