Tracy Morgan Beat Ozempic

Morgan’s appearance on yesterday's ‘Tonight Show’ was exactly what we’ve come to expect from late-night’s most legendary guest
Tracy Morgan Beat Ozempic

Tracy Morgan, the absolute king of late-night guests, has been battling diabetes since the mid-1990s. And, when Ozempic established itself as the celebrity world’s drug of choice, he started battling that, too — and won.

Nowadays, it’s fair to assume that every celebrity who appears on a late-night show takes a once-weekly injection of Ozempic to keep themselves trim and trendy. The medication that was developed to help patients with type 2 diabetes manage their insulin levels quickly became synonymous with celebrity body transformation over the last couple of years as A, B, C and D-listers began to debut startlingly slim figures after just a short stint on the injectable drug. The weight-loss craze has even created the phenomenon of “Ozempic face,” in which actors and actresses who use the drug to shed some pounds find that a few of them came from their cheeks, jowls and jawlines, which makes the stars simultaneously look 50 pounds lighter and five days post-mortem.

Morgan, on the other hand, looked as lively and full-faced as ever on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when the host asked the late-night legend how he’s staying in shape, to which Morgan replied, “That’s Ozempic. But I’ve learned to out-eat Ozempic, I gained 40 pounds.” 

Long considered one of the most reliable late-night guests in comedy, Morgan demonstrated that he hadn’t lost a single step last night. Morgan derailed the evening with many of his signature tangents and absurdist diversions, including a number of declarations to The Tonight Show’s New York audience that alarmed Morgan’s host. At one point, Morgan told a panicked Fallon, “When the New York Knicks win the championship, we’re gonna burn this town down! Burn it down to the ground! This is New York City, this is where the monkey fell off the building! Did you know that Jim? Did you realize that King Kong died here?!”

Somehow, the interview eventually devolved into Morgan discussing how he is distantly related to the rapper Nas, claiming that Denzel Washington is his biological father and then closing the night by singing 45 seconds of Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” with The Roots backing him — so basically, it was a tame late-night spot compared to Morgan's Conan interviews.


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