Bill Murray Names His Top Four Picks to Play Him in the ‘SNL 1975’ Sequel

Bill Murray Names His Top Four Picks to Play Him in the ‘SNL 1975’ Sequel

The upcoming historical dramedy SNL 1975 may only feature depictions of the original Saturday Night Live cast members, but Bill Murray already has his eyes on a sequel as he narrows the list of casting candidates to play his younger self down to four superstars.

In his film about the events leading up to the world premiere of NBC’s Saturday Night (the show that would later be renamed to Saturday Night Live) on October 11, 1975, director Jason Reitman has made the decision to mostly eschew established, big-name stars in favor of young, up-and-coming talent to fill out his cast, not unlike what Lorne Michaels did with his own roster almost 50 years ago. Rachel SennottNicholas Braun, Cooper Hoffman, Lamorne Morris, Gabriel LaBelle and Finn Wolfhard represent the star power leading the ensemble cast, while Matt Wood, the actor playing John Belushi, doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page — yet. As is often the case at the sketch institution itself, SNL 1975 seems to be an opportunity for lesser-known talent to make the jump to becoming household names

Murray, on the other hand, doesn’t care for this casting philosophy, and, if the SNL cinematic universe ever reaches Season Two, he only wants the best to be called back for his own part. While speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Murray was asked whom he would cast as a younger version of himself, and he ordered from the top shelf. Said Murray, “I like Kenan Thompson, he could play me, or Bill Hader, those two. Or, Kristen Wiig, any of those three. Or Amy Poehler."

Murray, of course, didn’t join the cast of SNL until early 1977, replacing his soon-to-be comedy nemesis Chevy Chase (played in the film by Dylan O'Brien) as the fan-favorite tall, attractive, white leading man who may or may not have been a nightmare behind the scenes. SNL 1975, which is currently shooting in and around Atlanta, Georgia, is directed by the son of the late, great Ivan Reitman, who, himself, directed Murray in film classics such as Ghostbusters and Stripes. So, it would make sense that, if Reitman ever made another film about early SNL, Murray would have some input in the casting – as well as the dialogue for the scene where Chase makes his fateful return.

Thompson, Hader, Wiig and Poehler are obviously an all-star lineup and a huge reach for any casting director – however, one of the actors chosen by Murray has already given the green light. Earlier today, Wiig was informed that Murray had picked her to play himself and asked if she would oblige, to which she answered, “That's what he said? Gladly. Gladly. I'm ready.” It sure beats Murray choosing her to be his Geena Davis.


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