‘Alpha King’ Backtracks Fast After Matt Rife Reportedly Considers Legal Action

‘It’s satire! It’s jokes!’
‘Alpha King’ Backtracks Fast After Matt Rife Reportedly Considers Legal Action

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Self-proclaimed “Alpha King” Nima Yamini went viral earlier this week with his video claiming that as an up-and-coming comedian, he and another young hopeful were promised online stardom by two “Hollywood executives.” There was only one caveat — they would have to exchange certain oral favors for fame and fortune. “I immediately got up and walked to the door,” Yamini said, describing how the other comedian was hard at work servicing both executives at the same time before he could even get out of the room. “That guy’s name was Matt Rife.”

The outrageous story was clearly made up with details too ridiculous to possibly be true. But Rife, rarely one to ignore online jabs, isn’t letting this provocation go. TMZ reports that Rife believes the video constitutes defamation and he’s considering legal action. “We're told Matt's sick of people using his name to gain clout — which is obviously how he feels about Nima here, who appears to have no serious track record in comedy — and our sources say Matt wants to stand up for himself.” 

Rife isn’t saying anything on his social media, but the report has Yamini backpedaling hard and fast. First, he pinned a tweet accusing TMZ of not getting his side of the story. Yamini admits that TMZ did contact him but he was with his wife, so it doesn’t count. No wonder nobody trusts media these days.

Then earlier this morning, Yamini posted a new video that reveals “the truth between Matt Rife and me.”

It was a parody video, Yamini explains, though what exactly he was parodying isn’t clear. “It’s satire! It’s jokes!” The problem wasn’t the original lies but the “conspiracy account” that reposted Yamini’s video as truth. “Not my intention, no permission,” Yamini says about his publicly posted video that can be retweeted and shared by anyone without permission. 

“Don’t know Matt Rife,” Yamini says. “Never met him. But my silly joke should not discredit him or his hard work” Translation: “My silly joke should not become the basis of a defamation lawsuit.” 

Yamini goes on to compare himself to The Onion, asking the online community to stop hating based on rumor, gossip and lies. Fair enough — but where exactly does the Alpha King think those rumors and lies started?


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