Panic and Confusion in Comedy Club As Mark Normand’s Set Is Shut Down, Audience Evacuated

Normand’s set at The New York Comedy Club was cut short when a panicked man jumped onstage, apparently causing a full theater shut down
Panic and Confusion in Comedy Club As Mark Normand’s Set Is Shut Down, Audience Evacuated

Videos from Mark Normand’s set last night at the New York Comedy Club in Manhattan are going viral after a bizarre interruption from an audience member seemingly caused the show’s organizers to rush Normand out of the theater before instructing the audience to quickly exit after him.

The incident began when a panicked man jumped onto the stage in the middle of Normand’s act and stood next to the comic awkwardly until the club’s security guard grabbed the stage-hopper’s arm and pulled him out of the theater — two women followed behind them. A confused Normand continued to riff on the incident while trying to make sense of it for himself, remarking, “I really froze there, I went Mitch McConnell,” before the show’s organizers took the microphone out of his hand and escorted the comedian out of the venue. One producer stayed behind to speak to the audience with visible alarm as the showgoers got out their phones to record the surreal scene.

In the videos, the producer can be heard telling the packed crowd, “Everything’s fine, we just had a momentary… interruption. Get up, get out (of) the taping, guys, please cut the cameras.”

So far, neither the club nor Normand have released any additional information about the unsettling incident, with the comedian writing in a since-deleted Instagram Story this morning, “Some shit went down tonight my team is still trying to put together the details, sorry to the fans.” The New York Comedy Club has not made any public statement.

Meanwhile, Normand is back to posting on social media as if nothing happened while fans flood his replies with questions about the upsetting event. Case in point: Just a couple hours ago, Normand tweeted, “Breakfast in bed means someone cares about you. Dinner in bed means you’re so very alone.”


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