The 10 Weirdest Pieces of ‘Simpsons’ Merchandise Ever

You can’t be fresh without your Bart Simpson talcum powder
The 10 Weirdest Pieces of ‘Simpsons’ Merchandise Ever

The Simpsons hasn’t just been a popular TV show for the past 35 years, it’s also been a merchandising juggernaut. While there are tons of perfectly normal things to cash in on — lunchboxes, T-shirts, action figures, etc. — The Simpsons merchandising craze, particularly in the early 1990s, spawned some truly odd things for fans to buy. Here are the 10 weirdest…

Homer Shower Radio

This 2004 shower radio uses Homer’s eyes as dials for an AM/FM radio. His ears also have a button with built-in Homer phrases. 

Rasta-Bart T-Shirts

In the early 1990s, Bart Simpson had a wide array of bootleg merch where he was depicted as a Black child. I don’t think any of it was official, but it was pervasive on boardwalks and places like that, particularly “Rasta-Bart” shirts.

Bart Simpson Talcum Powder

From the impressive collection of Simpsons super-fan Travis “Bart” McNall comes a number of bathroom items from the early wave of Simpsonsmania craze. The most bizarre piece, though, has got to be Bart Simpson talcum powder, featuring a naked Bart.

Homer and Marge Shower Gel

Another strange bathroom item courtesy of Karol Szymczuk, who is part of the Obscure Simpsons Characters Facebook Group. It's a shower gel that has a cap that features a surprisingly intimate moment with Homer and Marge.

The Simpsons Slippers

In theory, having slippers from The Simpsons seems like a perfectly normal bit of merchandise. However, in practice, the visual of shoving your disgusting feet into Bart’s, Homer’s or Marge’s mouth is horrifying.

Streaking Barney Figurine

In 2006, the company Winning Moves made a series of collectible Simpsons figurines. According to Neil Arsenty, the man behind the On This Day in Simpsons History Twitter account, one entire set was dedicated to the classic episode “The Way We Was” and among them was a streaking Barney figure.

Bart Telephone

This bit of nightmare fuel is worse than a killer Krusty doll. Made by Columbia Tel-com, it had Bart’s eyes glow red when the phone rang, and to answer, you had to pry open his back like you were doing intensive spinal surgery. 

Weird Al Action Figure

We did say the “weirdest” pieces of Simpsons merch.

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