‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Argue Over A Beekeeping Easter Egg That Might Suggest That Jerry Is a Sex Pest

Is a screenshot of Jerry’s computer files a secret?
‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Argue Over A Beekeeping Easter Egg That Might Suggest That Jerry Is a Sex Pest

By now, the entire internet knows that Jerry Smith is “beekeeping age,” but is he keeping secrets as well?

Rick and Morty, like much of Dan Harmon’s work, has one of those obsessively protected continuities that makes Easter egg spotting and wiki-writing equally exciting and exhausting. Even this past Season Seven dredged up details from the show’s first few episodes that only the diehards remembered, and characters long thought forgotten by the canon are constantly making their reappearances at unexpected moments with subtle hints about what’s to come scattered throughout Rick and Morty episodes so that screenshotters can say “I told you so” when their theories come true.

One such theory-crafter recently had a hypothesis that, if confirmed, would drastically change the dynamic of the Smith family and ruin the minuscule amount of respect that we, the audience, have for Jerry. In a since deleted post, a user on the Rick and Morty subreddit claimed that a screenshot from the Season Six episode “JuRicksic Mort” implied that Jerry capitalized on teenager Tricia Lange’s infamous sexual infatuation with him and his weird old guy hobbies. Funny how this user thought up their secret pedophilia storyline about one of the three characters in the entire show that wasn’t voiced by Justin Roiland.

Heres the real question — does Jerry think that the Titanic wreck is missing?

The above screenshot is of the files on Jerry Smith’s personal desktop, with “beekeepersdelight.mp4” being the source of the suspicion. Most Rick and Morty fans will remember the after-credits scene in the Season Four episode “Promortyus” wherein Tricia narrates Jerry’s newly discovered beekeeping hobby to an unenthused Summer before bluntly stating, “Summer, I wanna fuck your dad.” To which Summer replied, “Oh, really?”

Well, this fan apparently thought (at least for a time) that the suspiciously titled video file shows that Jerry found out about Tricia’s crush on him, and not only slept with his teenaged daughter’s friend, but filmed the entire incident for his desktop spank bank. Considering Tricia’s history of, uh, “kinky” behavior, it doesn’t stretch the imagination to think that she’d be into making some intergenerational amateur apiarist porn.

However, as the post gained popularity, many fans objected to what they saw as a complete reach that was decidedly out-of-character for the unconfident patriarch who lives in awe and fear of his more formidable wife. “Or… Even more likely. It’s just him beekeeping,” the top comment said of the mysterious mp4 file, “Yeah that’s it… A video of him recording the ins and outs of his beekeeping as well as the bees themselves. If, however, there is anything proactive, it’s probably him eating honey in an unusual way or spilling some on his crotch.”

Other fans were more blunt in their criticisms of the theory, as one wrote, “You watch way too much porn dude,” with another commenting, “I hate this sub sometimes.” 

The most popular alternate explanation of the contents of the file is that beekepersdelight.mp4 is a homemade parody music video of The Sugarhill Gang’s 1979 hip hop single “Rapper’s Delight” with the lyrics changed to be about Jerry’s favorite hobby. While that theory is eminently believable, somehow it feels even more shameful than Jerry being a run-of-the-mill child pornographer.

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