Jack Black’s Idea for A Mario Movie Sequel Is Sublime

Black wants Bowser to flex his pipes more in the second ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’
Jack Black’s Idea for A Mario Movie Sequel Is Sublime

Jack Black says that he’s heard “radio silence” when it comes to sequel talks for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but if it does happen, he wants it to be filled to the brim with radio hits. 

For many Mario fans, the most entertaining part of this past April’s animated movie adaptation of the beloved Nintendo franchise was easily the performance of Black as Bowser, who both breathed fire and spat it during his solo, the piano ballad “Peaches,” which charted at #56 on the Billboard Top 100. Black brought his signature playful intensity to the role, and as anyone could have predicted, he made passionate use of every opportunity to flex his golden pipes as he outshined those plumbers in each scene. Black’s Bowser is the inarguable star of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but, when it comes time to make the second installment, I’d like to see him promoted to screenwriter.

During his recent appearance on the Variety Awards Circuit podcast, Black lamented that there has been a distinct dearth of sequel talk surrounding the Illumination movie that eclipsed $1 billion at the global box office. “The only chatter has been coming from me, and I don’t even know if I’m allowed to chatter,” he explained. “I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to business.” His plan for when the show finally goes on? Make a sequel that’s all about Bowser. And make it a musical.

Bowser’s Revenge, Black named his dream sequel, saying that it should follow in the footsteps of another nerd franchise and make it even more melodic than the first one. “I think it should be a full musical, like what Todd Phillips is supposedly doing with Joker 2,” said Black, referencing how next year’s follow-up to the 2019 superhero hit Joker will be a musical led by Lady Gaga playing Harley Quinn.

Curiously, Black admitted that he didn’t even intend to sing in the first Mario movie: “I don’t like to mix my music and movies, unless they told me at the beginning. I’m real protective of the Tenacious D side of my career.” However, when the filmmakers showed him their plan for a love song performed by Bowser, Black jumped aboard. “They sent me a 30-second nugget of an idea, and it was hilarious,” he explained. “So I fleshed it out, added some lyrics and melody, and they loved it. And by God, they put it in the film. I couldn’t believe they did.” 

Now that the seal is fully broken on Black’s Bowser burning up the screen with sizzling singing and powerful piano chops, pivoting the paper-thin plot of the film series thus far to focus on the big baddie’s musical talent is a no-brainer. Just give Black control of the project, leave him alone and let him rock — it worked out pretty well for the kids at Horace Green.

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