20 Movies Where the Bad Guy Won

‘Law Abiding Citizen’ comes to mind…
20 Movies Where the Bad Guy Won

We’ve been making movies for a good century or so at this point, so we’ve pretty much caught on to the standard formula. Good guy enters into conflict with bad guy, good guy and bad guy fight it out, good guy drinks strategically placed Pepsi product, good guy wins. Boooo-riiiiing. These days, we need some antiheroes, a sympathetic villain or two and an unexpected ending to keep us interested. You know what they say about ambiguity: It makes the world go… go-ity.

So when Redditor TweekerAllWeeker recently asked r/AskReddit, “What is a movie where the bad guys won?” that wasn’t necessarily an easy question to answer. Sometimes, the protagonist was the bad guy all along, the villain is a nebulous entity that may or may not even have free will, and it turns out the whole good/bad dichotomy looks very different if you ask a computer, which at least one Redditor did. 

Still, there were plenty of times the system failed, and the bad guys rode off into the sunset to bad another day.

The Empire Strikes Back

Avengers: Infinity War

A Clockwork Orange


Law Abiding Citizen

Funny Games




Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

First Blood

The Founder

Ex Machina



Eden Lake

The Matrix


The Usual Suspects


20 Movies Where the Bad Guy Won

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