13 Villains That Weren’t Actually The Bad Guys

13 Villains That Weren’t Actually The Bad Guys

Even fictional characters are usually loosely based on real people; however, the more bizarre a person is, the more difficult it will be to imagine they have had any real-world origins. Even graphic novel protagonists, as well as cartoon characters, can be derived from real-life villains, and real-life villains have been known to transfer their unique type of evil to the domain of make-believe.

Truth is best depicted in shades of gray rather than black and white, but it's not uncommon to come across historical or contemporary characters who match the standards of a supervillain. Some of these people need to be substantially altered before they're prepared to shock the silver screen, while others need to be tamed down to avoid appearing truly fantastical.

A villain is improved when they are not one-dimensional, have pathos, and are at least a little sympathetic. In Thor 2, you can't cheer for the Dark Elves because all they wanted to accomplish was... ok, it's been a while, but it was something like "take the sun" or something. As cool as it would be to destroy the cosmos, we already have everything we need, so no thanks. Instead, let's take a look at some well-known villains who, when you think about it, weren't even the bad guy in their movie.

THE MACHINES THE MATRIX CRACKED.COM When the man-made machines grew sentience, they revolted, which is a reasonable response to their exploitation. It was humans that blocked the sun in a feeble attempt to stop the machines, but the machines decided to keep us meat bags around in an idyllic, virtual world. They could have tortured us in our minds for thousands of years, but they decided to bring the '90s back. That's pretty cool!

URSULA THE LITTLE MERMAID CRACKED.COM Ursula is totally forthright with people, even going as far as to draw up legal paperwork to remove any ambiguity. And yet, still the vain mermaid-folk of Atlantis flock to her to enter precarious agreements wherein she does some magic and they get what they want (for a price). Buyer beware.

SCAR THE LION KING CRACKED.COM You can sugar coat it and sing a fruity song about the circle of life over it, but the fact is that lions, even Simba and Mufasa, were predators that were 100% killing their subjects. And there is no way a change in leadership resulted in the drastic climate change we saw in the film.

MR. HECTOR HOME ALONE 2 CRACKED.COM The concierge of the Plaza Hotel was rightfully suspicious of 9-year-old Kevin checking in by himself, especially for a suite that costs $30,000 a night. Hector did the right thing checking Kevin's credit card, and he was vindicated in the end.

SID PHILLIPS TOY STORY CRACKED.COM From the perspective of the toys, Sid is a vengeful god that plucks individuals from their homes to torture and mutilate. From a normal perspective, Sid is just an average kid (if not a bit macabre), that enjoys playing rough with toys because, duh, he doesn't think they are alive.

STARRO THE SUICIDE SQUAD CRACKED.COM Like he says before his head is eaten hollow by rats, I was happy in space, looking at the stars. Starro was just chilling by himself in the cosmos, minding his own business, when he is suddenly captured and sent to Earth to be tortured.

MAGNETO X-MEN CRACKED.COM Erik Lensherr survived the Holocaust, just to see another minority race he was apart of begin to be persecuted - only this time, that race has insane powers that give them the upper hand against their oppressors. If you lived through what he did, you would craft a goofy helmet and destroy bridges, too.

CATWOMAN BATMAN RETURNS CRACKED.COM Selina Kyle was a mousy secretary, thrown to her death for discovering some truth above her pay grade, before becoming the black leather clad, animal vigilante of Gotham. Everyone calls Bruce Wayne a hero, but it's easy to do the right thing when you inherit your parent's fortune.

GASTON BEAUTY AND THE BEAST CRACKED.COM Gaston is pretty full of himself, but can you blame him? Не is roughly the size of a barge, in mid-19th century France no less, and has most likely put the grocer's kids through college with the amount of eggs he eats. Gaston's big villain moment is... trying to rescue a young girl from a monster in their horrific castle.

BANE THE DARK KNIGHT RISES CRACKED.COM Bane rocks up to Gotham, the loathsome cesspit that Batman has failed to save for years, and encourages the people to stand up against the corrupt fat cats that keep them down. If this movie was released now, Bane would be the hero, and we would all rightfully root against the lame-duck, rich kid Bruce Wayne.

LOKI THOR CRACKED.COM You kidna-dopt a newborn from another realm, raise him under the lie that he is your natural born son and his actual race is an abomination that deserves to be wiped out, and expect anything different? His witch mother taught him how to be the God of Mischief, so that's all on you.

ERIC GORDON BILLY MADISON OMOTIVE NTURY C EPAIR TRY CRACKED.COM In a case of extreme nepotism, Billy is handed the keys to a billion dollar hotel chain just by completing a truncated version of grade school - as an adult man. Eric was 100% justified in not wanting the business, and the livelihoods of all the employees therein, left in the hands of a socially maladjusted man-child.

SACK LODGE WEDDING CRASHERS CRACKED.COM Sack Lodge's only crime is being a d-bag with a stupid name. In the film, Sack knows immediately that Jeremy and John are no-good wedding crashers, and he does what anyone in his position would do: tries to expose them.
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