21 Fictional 'Good Guys' Who Weren't

In real life, Venkman would've had the cops called on him by any sensible human being.
21 Fictional 'Good Guys' Who Weren't

Pro tip: whenever you find yourself looking for a "hero," you're likely to pop up with anything along but "a person respected for his and her bravery, exceptional accomplishment, or noble traits."

When considering a genuine film hero, a larger-than-life figure, a protector, and a guardian, somebody like King Arthur quickly comes immediately to mind. However, not all characters in fiction are made equal; that's why no single idealized notion of a hero could exist.

Movies do an excellent job of ensuring that we know who the good person is and who the bad guy is. After all, our hero is the one who does good deeds, gives wise advice, or saves the day, while our villain is the one who does... none of the above.

Except, as the definitely-not-a-villain AuntieMeme points out, most of the time, all those good deeds are really covering up some truly nasty things. Scroll down for some hair raising (and nostalgia ruining) examples of heroes behaving more like villains:

It's SO romantic when Venkman and Dana hook up. Almost makes you forget he roofied her. In Ghostbusters, Pete Venkman shows up for his date with Dana
Cole's mom in The Sixth Sense is caring and concerned. Except no, she's not. Cole's thing is that he can see ghosts. Mom doesn't know that- as far as
In Age of UItron, we learn that Hawkeye has a family Whom he exposes to mortal danger. When the Avengers need someplace safe to hide they go to Hawkey
Indiana Jones is a true hero and a stand-up guy. Except for that time he found a kid and kept him. In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, we learn t
George Bailey is the ultimate family mano Except that he's a shit to his wife and kids. Most of his back story is about how he doesn't want to get mar
Dorothy is lucky to have Glinda the Good Witch on her side. Except that she doesn't help or protect her at all. In The Wizard of Oz, Glinda has magica
Willy Wonka is beloved by children. Which makes you wonder why SO many get hurt in his factory. Wonka stages an elaborate golden ticket contest, and h
Star Trek officers are excellent role models. ExCept as caretakers of children. The crew of the Enterprise is busy boldly going, seeking out undiscove
Who doesn't love the elves in Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer? The Misfit Toys; for one. Remember the final scene, when Santa's elves deliver the defec
In School VAN MORRISON of Rock, Jack Black is the TALKING best teacher ever. Too bad he's STEvie WONDER DIANA ROSS breaking the laW. DAVID IAMES BROW
Percy Jackson is a teenage.hero. He also murders his stepfather. In Percy Jackson E the Olympians, Percy's stepfather is a jerk, no argument. But he d
Rich, witty, handsome Tony Stark seems like the perfect boyfriend. Until he recklessly endangers you, that is. In Iron Man 3, Stark announces his home
Lorelai Gilmore is a wonderful mother. But she's a terrible daughter. In Gilmore Girls, Lorelai runs away from home and completely CUtS ties with her
Jim Halpert is an all-around great guy Except that-he's a bully. Jim spends the bulk of his time pulling mean practical jokes on Dwight Schrute, who i
In Inception, Cobb takes one last job SO he can be with his children. But he's responsible for their mother's death. Cobb is wanted for the murder of
Robin Williams is a sweet but absentminded professor, in Flubber. And he doesn't show up for his own wedding. The finale of the movie has him marrying
Dumbledore is the kindly father figure at Hogwarts. Yet every year he puts children in danger. In the Harry Potter series' ongoing battle of good VS.
21 Fictional 'Good Guys' Who Weren't
In Back to the Future, Doc Brown is Marty's best pal. Which is creepy as hell. Putting aside the fact that he's a grown man who is best friends with a
Alfred is like a father, to Bruce Wayne. A terrible neglectful father. Alfred is Bruce's legal guardian, and has been since Bruce was a boy. Yet Bruce
In Breaking Dawn, Jacob is a nice guy, but Bella prefers Edward. So he hooks up with their infant daughter. Jacob imprints on Renesmee at birth, meani

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