21 Fictional 'Good Guys' Who Weren't

21 Fictional 'Good Guys' Who Weren't

Pro tip: whenever you find yourself looking for a "hero," you're likely to pop up with anything along but "a person respected for his and her bravery, exceptional accomplishment, or noble traits."

When considering a genuine film hero, a larger-than-life figure, a protector, and a guardian, somebody like King Arthur quickly comes immediately to mind. However, not all characters in fiction are made equal; that's why no single idealized notion of a hero could exist.

Movies do an excellent job of ensuring that we know who the good person is and who the bad guy is. After all, our hero is the one who does good deeds, gives wise advice, or saves the day, while our villain is the one who does... none of the above.

Except, as the definitely-not-a-villain AuntieMeme points out, most of the time, all those good deeds are really covering up some truly nasty things. Scroll down for some hair raising (and nostalgia ruining) examples of heroes behaving more like villains:

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