The ‘SNL’ Cameos You Never Saw Coming

Sometimes Barbra Streisand pops by, no big whoop
The ‘SNL’ Cameos You Never Saw Coming

If you caught Saturday Nive Live this weekend, there was a complete WTF moment during Weekend Update when Chloe Fineman took center stage to talk about 2001’s teen dance classic Save the Last Dance. That’s a deep track, for sure, but things got even more unexpected when Fineman was joined by the movie’s star, Julia Stiles. That Julia Stiles? Is she promoting something or… nope, she’s just doing the Save The Last Dance boogie. Okay then.

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Stiles' appearance got Redditor u/MoneyHungryOctopus thinking over on the r/LiveFromNewYork subreddit. Stiles has kept a low profile in recent years and hadn’t appeared on SNL since 2001, making her surprise cameo … well, a surprise. What are other good examples of really unexpected/surprising cameos?” asked u/MoneyHungryOctopus. Here are some of the most upvoted responses. 

Janet Reno

“Janet Reno crashing Janet Reno's Dance Party,” enthused u/ActuallyIWasARobot, earning a “Winner winner, chicken dinner!” from u/RoosterTies. The former attorney general proved to be a good sport, considering Will Ferrell’s baritone dance goddess portrayal.


The Property Brothers and Tony Hawk

A bonkers Miss Universe pageant, “one of several shows still on the air where we rank women,” got even nuttier when the celebrity judge panel was announced. Nearly as random as an actual beauty pageant judge panel.

Barbra Streisand

“Barbra Streisand walking into a Coffee Talk sketch, almost completely unplanned (I don't think Myers or Madonna knew it was happening),” suggested u/PeteF3. “She had performed at MSG that night and just strolled to 30 Rock and asked if she could walk on the show.”

“It deserves the top spot,” argues u/emergencycat17. “No one will ever top Barbra Freaking Streisand walking into the middle of a sketch.”

Conan O’Brien

“I would say Conan in Mulaney’s five timers sketch,” said u/john_muleaney. “I didn’t think he’d ever come back to 8H.”

A better question: How did one-time host Conan crash his way into the Five-Timers Club lounge? Isn’t Lovitz providing security anymore?

Bernie Sanders

“Bernie Sanders with Larry David,” suggests, appropriately, u/shortsocialistgirl. 

“Watched Finding your roots on PBS,” shared u/InflationInner1881, “and so amazing Bernie and Larry are related!!”

Lindsey Buckingham

It was never a surprise when Bill Hader’s Buckingham guested on a What Up With That? sketch, but pretty mind-blowing when the real deal showed up as well.

“What’s Up With That?” often had oddball celebrity cameos, points out u/HearshotAutumnDisast, so could any surprise appearance really be a surprise? But, the Redditor admits, “The actual Lindsay Buckingham was a shock to me.”

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