TikToker Says Matt Rife Snubbed A Fan at A Meet-And-Greet After Overhearing Light Criticism

Matt Rife allegedly refused to take a picture with an elderly fan because someone else called him unfunny
TikToker Says Matt Rife Snubbed A Fan at A Meet-And-Greet After Overhearing Light Criticism

Matt Rife opened his debut Netflix special Natural Selection with an unoriginal domestic violence joke as a way to weed out watchers who wouldn’t fully appreciate his brand of comedy. In hindsight, he probably should have been using that bit at the beginning of his photo-ops.

Ever since Natural Selection released on November 15th, Rife has enjoyed the dubious distinction of being “TikTok’s main character” as his former fans, upset by his sudden and seemingly intentional heel-turn towards dude-bro comedy, formed an informal alliance with the haters who have been rooting for Rife’s downfall ever since he was just that muscly crowd-work comic with the impossibly pretty face. Dissections of Rife’s past appearances on Wild ‘N Out and in-depth examinations of his dental work have been some of the top-performing posts on the content platform for weeks without any sign of slowing down as everyone with a fresh take on Rife’s downfall competes for the top spot in the TikTok search results for the phrase “Matt Rife sucks.”

Past stories of Rife’s behind-the-scenes behavior can be found throughout TikTok, with one such anecdote coming from self-professed long-time Matt Rife disliker Emily Giangreco who recounted the time she attended a celebrity meet-and-greet event in Pittsburgh that featured Rife. According to Giangreco, Rife refused to take a picture with an excited elderly fan because he overheard some unspecified other person in the crowd claim that Rife was “not even that funny” – but as Giangreco specified, that was probably just her.


Ever since Rife started the controversy over his new comedic direction, he’s been thumbing his nose at his detractors in podcast interviews and fake apologies wherein he mocks his critics for being thin-skinned and easily upset. If Giangreco’s story is truthful and the simple suggestion that Rife isn’t funny is enough to set the comedian off, we can only imagine how he’s reacting to the current wave of anti-Rife riffing that’s been dominating his former social media stomping grounds for weeks now.

As for the man in his sixties whom Rife supposedly snubbed because someone (probably Giangreco) vocalized their distaste for Rife's comedy, don’t feel too bad for him – it was probably just Jordan Peterson.

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