Sean Hannity Surprise Drops His Cancel-Culture Christmas Comedy Film ‘Jingle Smells’

Hannity released his first anti-woke holiday comedy the day before Thanksgiving
Sean Hannity Surprise Drops His Cancel-Culture Christmas Comedy Film ‘Jingle Smells’

When good, God-fearing families want Santa to come down their chimneys and spread his cheer, they put out milk and cookies. Anyone looking to summon Sean Hannity from their fireplace this Christmas could probably just burn a cross in it.

As one of the right-wing media machine's most profitable hate-mongers, Hannity is a bit of a superstar among the “Put the Christ in Christmas,” bring-your-gun-to-Starbucks soldiers defending conservative values in the War on Christmas. Just as retail chains celebrate the official beginning of the holiday season with their infamous Black Friday sales, Fox News and its affiliates start their annual holiday hysteria as soon as the leftover turkey hits the fridge. This year, however, Hannity threw a Christmas curveball straight at the teeth of cancel culture when surprised his audience with an early release of his festive comedy film, Jingle Smells, on the day before Thanksgiving.

Jingle Smells tells the story of a garbage man and veteran, Nick Gutman, who refuses an order to destroy a shipment of action figures that depict a popular action hero whose actor was canceled for being too patriotic, choosing to disseminate the dolls to children in his neighborhood. “Nick takes on the secret identity ‘Jingle Smells’ and becomes a Robin Hood of the Holidays,” the synopsis reads on Hannity’s website — I guess Hannity doesn’t include the Sheriff of Nottingham when he says that “Blue Lives Matter.”

The Hannity-produced movie is the first feature length film to stream exclusively on the far-right platform Rumble, and it features many of the mainstays in the admittedly small alt-right entertainment circuit. Naturally, conservative comedy star and melting wax statue Jim Breuer plays a prominent role in Jingle Smells with Saturday Night Live alumna and anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Victoria Jackson also appearing in the project. Formerly respected actors like The Dukes of Hazzard’s John Schneider and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts round out the cast list, which, supposedly, also includes a supporting performance from Hannity himself. And here I thought his kind didn’t show up on film.

Almost immediately upon release, Jingle Smells drew immensely positive reviews from conservative audiences who are just glad to finally have a movie that combines their only two interests: Christmas and cancel culture complaining. “I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN MOVIE!!!” one wrote on IMDb. “The movie interweaved (sic) many serious topics that are present and REAL in today's culture and brought them together in a fun, and yet serious, way. I was laughing one minute and seriously aware the next minute. Hollywood needs more real to life movies like this that teach how to make good decisions when faced with life's deception and yet find the humor and love that is present at the same time.”

Now I know why Hannity released this movie the day before Thanksgiving — his target demographic needed something to do on Thursday since none of their relatives invited them to dinner.

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